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Page 62 of May 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, May 1984


Personal disappointment relates to not having been sufficiently industrious in youth, to have studied things like workshop practice and simple welding etc, so that I could have worked on my cars and perhaps even built a special, and God not having endowed me with the qualities required for being a top-line racing driver… Thinking in terms of the many disappointments that have involved those who...

Page 104 of August 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 104, August 2014

True grit

These were unsettled times, with the Great War a matter of weeks from declaration, but political tension was no obstacle to one of the most gripping of all motor races. A century has passed since Peugeot – or, rather, Georges Boillot – fought Mercedes in the French Grand Prix Writer Paul Fearnley Otto Merz, an ex-Daimler apprentice mechanic and future winner of a German Grand Prix for Mercedes-...

Page 213 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 213, July 2014

From the archive with... Doug Nye

In Jarrot's slipstream Retracing the route of the Circuit des Ardennes, where British pioneers made their names London’s first Chinese restaurant, it appears, was opened in 1907. Now park that thought for a while. During the same year, Belgium’s last Circuit des Ardennes race took place on a 53½-mile-long public road course based upon the market town of Bastogne. The Circuit des Ardennes was the...

Page 51 of May 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, May 1992

Brush or camera?

The camera can lie. But I rate it more dependable when researching motoring history than an artist's impression. It is true that DSJ and I once puzzled over a photograph which showed two identical 2 1/2-litre Maseratis taking the Fork corner at Brooklands. We knew only of Whitney Straight's car of that type. Years later I discovered that some joker at Speed had superimposed two prints of the...

Page 108 of June 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 108, June 1981


In writing, on page 580 of last month's issue, of the number of copies made by other manufacturers of the pioneering, twin-cam, inclined-multi-valved, pre-1914 Peugeot racing engines I committed a stupid error, although the purpose of the discourse was in no way diminished thereby. The Peugeot of this kind which C.G. Brocklebank raced at Brooklands after the war and which killed Capt. Troop there...

Page 27 of April 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, April 1981

Matters of Moment

• "April Fool" Cars As this issue of Motor Sport is due to appear on April Fool's Day we can perhaps be excused for thinking about those cars which, because they have fooled their owners and drivers by developing defects, often all too early in their life-span, might be called "April Fool's" cars, or at least be described as cars apparently designed and/or made by fools. Those addicted to motor-...

Page 58 of April 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, April 1999

Grands Prix

GP racing was once ruled by manufacturers. Now it's the FIA and constructors. Matthew Franey asks how long it will last. If you want to find out how much the world of Grand Prix racing has changed in the 75 years since The Brooklands Gazette first rolled off the presses, then spare a moment to recognise that despite the passing of time, some things remain very much the same. Consider the...

Page 7 of November 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, November 1947

Worthwhile Journey

The article by Mr. F. E. Ellis. describing his rebuilt 16-valve twin o.h. camshaft Aston-Martin, which we published in Motor Sport for June, 1947, aroused considerabIe interest, particularly on the part a Lt.-Col. Clive Gallop, who was intimately concerned in the evolution and development of these cars for the late Count Zhorowski and who drove one or them in the French G.P. of 1922. Accordingly...

Page 38 of July 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, July 1974

The Henry Affair

An investigation into a significant motoring mystery Since 1912 It Has Been Generally Accepted that the Peugeot Twin-Cam Racing Engine Set a Significant Fashion, one followed Ever Since for High-Performance Power Units, as The Work of Ernest Henry, Goux, Boillot and Zuccarelli. The Unsolved Question is whether Henry was the Engineer Responsible, or just a Skilled Draughtsman. In Probing this...

Page 56 of March 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, March 2004

An island race

Bill Boddy recounts the growth of the Targa Florio from one man's dream to everybody's idea of a road race adventure The early Targa Florios have had their place in motor racing history obscured by European grands prix. That's a shame, because this daunting event was perhaps the greatest road race of them all. The low average winning speeds of these grim contests over the Sicilian mountains and...



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