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Page 171 of December 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 171, December 2014

From the archives with Doug Nye

The Italian job offer Tony Vandervell chose to pass on this chance to buy a novel Grand Prix project that made big claims I could hardly believe my eyes. Flicking idly through an old Vanwall correspondence file, I have just found this long-buried gem. On July 18, 1955, Arialdo Ruggeri of the Scuderia Automobilistiche Milan, Via Mose Bianchi 71, Milan, Italy, wrote personally to Tony Vandervell of...

Page 142 of May 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 142, May 2014

Frame academy

How road and racing cars used to be built, a world away from CAD systems and wind tunnels The automobile per se is arguably the most transformative agent in modern history. In America the Revs Institute for Automotive Research is a new educational foundation dedicated to advance the scholarly study of automotive history. The Institute provides access to the magazine, book and photographic library...

Page 30 of August 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, August 1990

A Rarity

Last month brief mention was made of a demonstration run by 'Mike Sparken' in a Tipo 158/159 Alfa Romeo at the Vintage Sports Car Club's Silverstone meeting, and needless to say there was a lot more behind that simple statement of fact than was apparent. In the first place, unless my memory is playing me false, it was the first time an 'Alfetta' has been in action in Great Britain since 1951,...

Page 76 of October 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, October 2004

Scarlet fever

Alfa's legendary Tipo B and Alfetta scored 78 international wins between them. In the opportunity of a lifetime, Paul Fearnley drives them both --- on the same day! Centre throttle. Centre throttle. Centre throttle. Please excuse my mantra. Centre throttle. Centre throttle. Centre throttle. The light has gone green. And the marshals give me a quizzical stare. For it's only now that I select first...

Page 70 of April 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, April 1997

In the beginning...

There was Enzo, and Enzo created the 125 and the world was made good. Peter Robinson drives the first Ferrari Perhaps it's expecting too much to hope that the 125 looks like a Ferrari. Truth is, apart from the small black-and-yellow badge above the smaller of its two grilles, the first Ferrari is visually indistinguishable from many of the sportscars introduced in that first flush of creativity...

Page 80 of October 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, October 1997

Bugatti's final, fatal flop

Bugatti's vaunted return to post-war front line racing lasted just 18 laps. But, says Doug Nye, this ill-conceived project contained ideas that were truly ahead of its time Prologue Sporting history is studded with stories of how 'It seemed like a good idea at the time ...'. It's certainly true in Formula One ask Damon Hill or Chris Amon; back in the '50s, perhaps we should have asked Roland...

Page 81 of July 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 81, July 2003

Alfa Romeo 158/159

X-ray spec The beautiful Alfetta was a post-war sensation. Only one is still racing. Keith Howard quizzes the man who knows it inside-out – Tony Merrick Very few Italians would be inclined to acknowledge it, but the unique competition record of the Alfa 158, the original Alfetta, arguably owes as much to the rise of National Socialism in Germany as to the talents of its legendary designer...


November 2019
Ultimate Porsche: The Most Ruthless Racer Ever Built



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