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Page 40 of August 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, August 1960

Vintage Postbag

Sir, I was most interested in your May issue with an article on my old Belsize-Bradshaw car. The article is at least 90 per cent correct and I cannot quarrel with any of it but it has occurred to me that some of your readers might like to know, from the designers of these older models, the real reason for some of the drastic changes they have made and how technically sound have these changes been...

Page 40 of December 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, December 1963

Fragments on forgotten makes: No. 24—The Bleriot-Whippet

The Bleriot-Whippet was one of the better-looking and more Practical of the cyclecars which flourished for a brief period between 1910 and the early 'twenties, and when I heard that Mr. G. H. Jones, whose brain-child this was, was living in retirement in Shrewsbury I drove to this medieval town of drinking houses and betting shops, past the old Sentinel steam wagon works (now occupied by Rolls-...

Page 60 of October 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, October 1960


VINTAGE POSTBAG Sir, When I read Mr. Bradshaw's highly entertaining letter about A.B.C. engines in your August issue, and in particular his claims for the Dragonfly, I wondered just whom he was kidding, apart from himself. Your correspondent " M. P." in the September issue is quite right in doubting the accuracy of Mr. Bradshaw's claims and for concise summaries of the facts 1 would refer him and...

Page 23 of May 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, May 1961


Sir, I have noticed in your columns, what appears to me to be some unjustified and rather foolish criticisms of Mr. Granville Bradshaw's A.B.C. designs, by the "critics." It is the great period of " critics" in Britain today, with young men who have never controlled a battle telling those who have won a whole series of vital and historic battles how to win wars, people criticising painting, music...

Page 40 of May 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, May 1960

Fragments on forgotten makes

No. 14: THE BELSIZE BRADSHAW AMONGST the more ingenious of the innumerable small cars which struggled, most of them unsuccessfully, to establish themselves on the market after the 1914/18 war, was the Belsize Bradshaw, product of the fertile brain of Granville Bradshaw, who was also responsible, amongst other things, for the excellent transverse flat-twin, shaft-drive A.B.C. motorcycle and the...

Page 52 of September 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, September 1991

Veteran to classic -- Forgotten Makes

The Belsize Bradshaw Having referred recently in this recall of rare makes to two cars with radial engines, it seems time to think about a light-car which had an unusual cooling system. The Belsize Bradshaw was the idea of that well-known innovator, Granville Bradshaw. He had been the designer responsible for the ABC Dragonfly aero-engine of WWI, which became notorious for being underpowered,...

Page 21 of May 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, May 1961

The A.B.C. Motorcycle

Sir, In a recent issue Mr. Granville Bradshaw told us that his A.B.C. motorcycle design was sold by the Sopwith Aviation Company to the B.M.W. (Bayerische Motoren Werke) factory at Munich. The writer—according to his letter—redesigned also the 400-cc. A.B.C.—on behalf of the German factory—to the very first 500-c.c. B.M.W. motorcycle. I have no comment to make on this statement ... except that I...

Page 25 of February 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, February 1961

Granville Bradshaw replies to his critics

[Mr. Bradshaw is, we understand, engaged in designing a rotary-type i.c. engine which he naturally hopes will be a Wankel-beater.—Ed.] The numerous critics of my A.B.C. engines are wrong because they refer to production engines none of which I had any hand in. In my 50 years of design creation I have never emoloyed more than half a dozen skilled mechanics working in a small experimental factory....

Page 36 of March 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, March 1961

Book Reviews

"Automobile Year-1960-1961," edited by Ami Guichard. 220 pp. 12¾ in. x 9¼ in. (Editor S.A., Box 1109, Lausanne, Switzerland. English edition 52s. 6d.) This luxury publication, now in its eighth year, forms a fine addition to the bookcase besides being an excellent source of reference to motor cars, motor racing and motoring year by year. The generous use of art paper and colour illustrations puts...

Page 54 of July 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, July 1990

Forgotten Makes: No. 92: The ABC

Not exactly forgotten perhaps — certainly not by me, because my first (£5) car was an ABC, even if, with its oil-pump inoperative, it only lasted three days before a rod came out, causing the errant big-end rollers to escape and run smoking down the hill towards High Wycombe — but not very well remembered. The Georgano Encyclopaedia is unkind to the ABC, saying its engine, built down to a cost,...



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