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Page 24 of February 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, February 1991

Rally Preview - The 1991 Season

The World Series for 1991 Much has happened in world rallying circles in the past year, but no-one can argue that the most significant issue of 1990 was not the overthrow of Lancia drivers for whom the World title had been a preserve since Peugeot left the fray after 1986. Lancia did win the World Rally Championship for Makes last year, but the person, the real, flesh-and-blood driver himself who...

Page 82 of June 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, June 2003

Cologne ranger

Fifteen minutes of fame Ford Taunus 20 MRS: Safari Rally – APRIL 4-8, 1969 The bulky Taunus may have lacked the nimbleness of its rally rivals but, as John Davenport explains, Ford Germany recognised its potential for the rougher events Prior to the advent of the bespoke rally car, manufacturers had to make do with mildly altered versions of their road machines. Not all of these were a success,...

Page 82 of August 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, August 2010

Mirror to the World

The budget was huge, the organisation immense. Anthony Howard was the man charged by the Daily Mirror with turning rally bulletins into news Once upon a time, Fleet Street thrived amid rivers of alcohol, old Spanish practices, the chatter of telex machines and the aroma of hot lead. But its firm grip on advertising revenues and its prime position as provider of news and entertainment faced an...

Page 44 of December 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, December 1964

Rally review

The R.A.C. Rally of Great Britain As it had been arranged that I should cover this year's R.A.C. Rally by occupying the hot seat in a works Saab driven by the Finnish Rally Champion, Simo Lampinen, Rally Review for this month was to have been an account of the rally seen from that point of view. I take little pleasure in reporting that we only managed to complete about one-fifth of the route...

Page 47 of May 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, May 1967

East African Safari

Easter in Kenya means Safari-time. The East African Safari Rally; the name itself chills spines as you imagine man and machine pitting skills against the ragged car-eating terrains of Tanzania and Kenya or the precipitous escarpments of the mighty mountain Kilimanjaro. All very romantic really, but in fact the myths that surround this great event are slowly being unravelled. To sum it up, the one...

Page 90 of October 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, October 2004

The rise of Fall

From Yorkshire and a Mini to a GM competitions boss. Tony Fall tells John Davenport how he did it Tony Fall was a rally phenomenon in the 1960s. Just as the works teams were starting to go all Scandinavian, along came this cheerful young lad from Yorkshire to give them a run for their money. His first event outside Britain was the Alpine Rally of 1965: he finished eighth in a Mini Cooper S and...

Page 68 of April 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, April 2000

The greatest rally driver of all time

It's no easy thing to rank a century of rally drivers, but John Davenport asked some of the great names in the sport for their votes on which one had it all Man has faced all manner of difficult tasks over the years, such as climbing the north face of the Eiger. But it is just possible that, in the first few months of the twenty-first century, Motor Sport has already discovered something harder....

Page 23 of March 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, March 1967

Rally Review

Swedish Rally Results -- General Classification (top five): Ist: B.Soderstrom/G.Palm (Cortina-Lotus) ....43,726 penalties 2nd: S.Lampinen/T.Palm (Saab V4).....44,440 penalties 3rd: R.Aaltonen/H.Liddon (1275 Cooper S).....44,720 penalties 4th: O.Eriksson/H.Johansson (Opel Rekord) ..... 45,700 penalties 5th: I.Nassenius/B.Frodin (Opel Rekord)..... 46,105 penalties. Sweden is a very long and...

Page 64 of June 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, June 1968

Rally Review

Not so very long ago, about three years in fact, the most important events in the competition programmes of factory teams, both in Britain and on the Continent, were those which were qualifiers in the European Rally Championship. Their schedules were geared to the Championship series and any event which was not a qualifier was only tackled if time and budget would allow. But then the F.I.A....

Page 100 of December 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, December 2010

"I tried a Beetle once, but I didn't like it ..."

It’s 50 years since Erik Carlsson scored the first of three RAC victories for Saab – and he’s still loyal to the manufacturer now You have to feel for the kid, although judging by the age of the photo he’s probably in his fifties by now. “They were mad Saab fans from Belgium,” recalls rally deity Erik Carlsson, surveying the sepia-tinged image of a beaming couple. “I remember them because they...



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