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Page 46 of June 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, June 1933


HIGH SPEEDS AT LEWES R. G. J. Nash (Nash Special) makes fastest time. Good runs by J. V. Bolster (Bolster Special) and J. C. Davis (Delage). THE Speed Trials held on the Race Hill, Lewes, by the Kent and Sussex Light Car Club are always popular with sporting motorists. For one thing any owner of a normal sports car can enter with a chance of success in his class ; but the greatest cause of the...

Page 33 of November 1924 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, November 1924

Round the Clubs

Round the Clubs THE NORTH LONDON MOTOR CYCLING CLUB. The Surprise Event, conducted by Mr. L. V. Freeman, was run off with complete success on October 4th. Competitors were verbally acquainted, at the commencement, as to the whereabouts of the first of a series of red boxes which were concealed about the countryside, the road in the vicinity being marked with blue dye. The first box, when found,...

Page 30 of August 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, August 1936

Clubs news

Ulster A.C. The July issue of the Monthly Review contains a good report of the County Down Trophy Race from various aspects together with several very excellent photographs. Those who were at the race and have not seen a copy should write for one—we can find no price on the cover, but no doubt club funds are open to fortification! The story of the teddy-bear that never looked other than straight...

Page 39 of May 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, May 1932


NEXT SATURDAY AT LEWES. AVERY comprehensive programme has been drawn up by the Kent and Sussex Light Car Club for their Speed Trials which are to be run off at Race Hill, Lewes, next Saturday, 7th May. In all there will be fifteen classes, these being as follow :—(1) Touring cars—unlimited, (2) M.G. Midget— any type, (3) Wolseley Hornet closed cars, (4) Hornets with 3-speed boxes, (5) Hornets...

Page 29 of April 1928 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, April 1928

Kent and Sussex Light Car Club.

Kent and Sussex Light Car Club. Owing to an error we gave the name of Mr. Dallas Brett as being the Secretary of the above Club. The correct name and address of the Secretary is Mr. H. V. Warren, 133, Terminus Road, Eastbourne. Mr. Brett is the Secretary of the Cinque/Ports Flying Club. --Speed trials will be held at Lewes on May igth, June 23rd, August 18th and September 22nd.

Page 41 of July 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, July 1932


CAR v. MOTOR CYCLE AT THE KENT AND SUSSEX L.C.C.'S MEETING. WHICH possesses the better acceleration, car or motor cycle ? After witnessing the Senior T.T. Race in the Isle of Man anyone would be inclined to favour the latter, but this opinion would be quickly modified by the sight of R. G. J. Nash's " Terror " getting off the mark at Lewes. In the June issue of MOTOR SPORT, in describing Nash's...

Page 30 of May 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, May 1934


eta, "MOTOR SPORT" CORRESPONDENCE CLUB. THE Club Library is growing apace. The following books are now available to members under the usual conditions "Full Throttle," "Ten Years of Motor Racing," " Flat Out" and "Motor Racing" four copies ; " Combat " and " The Lure of Speed" two copies ; " All Out," " Sicilian Circuit," " Wheels Take Wings," " Speed, the Life of Sir Malcolm Campbell," "The Life...

Page 32 of September 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, September 1932

Club News

eta /Iowa ,........■■11151/ BRITISH RACING DRIVERS' CLUB. ENTRIES at singles fees have come in very well for the B.R.D.C. 500 Miles Race to be held at Brooklands on September 24th, and closed as follows. With the possibility of many more being received at double fees, the " 500" this year should be one of the best races of the year. THE BERKHAMSTED & M.C.C. The above club is holding another...

Page 38 of May 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, May 1931

letters from readers

Letters from Readers. Lockhart's Stutz—And Others AS one who has followed the progress of streamlining of racing cars for the past few years I was very interested in your article on the subject . Probably the best streamlined car ever constructed was Frank Lockhart's 3litre Stutz, the detail work on which was very carefully thought out. The radiators on the top of the bonnet were for cooling the...

Page 39 of June 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, June 1934

Club news

e4 /lewd MID-SURREY A.C. The Grand Cup Trial, held on Saturday May 5th, attracted an entry of 27 cars, of whom 23 were starters. The start took place at Ripley and the fu-st observed hill to be encountered was Blind Lane, near Thursley. Most people got up quite easily, but W. Drake (Riley) and P. B. Henderson (A.C.) both lost marks. Through Hazlemere and Liphook the competitors next came to the...



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