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Page 31 of September 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, September 1937

The Tenth International 200-Mile Race of the J.C.C. A Great E.R.A. Victory-Arthur Dobson Wins at 69.67 M.P.H.

THE TENTH INTERNATIONAL 200-MILE RACE OF THE J.C.C. A GREAT;;E.R.A. VICTORY—ARTHUR:DOBSOnWINS:AT 69.67 M.P.H. Once again the Junior Car Club's great classic has been won by a 11-litre car, in spite of it being run for the second time as a scratch contest open to all sizes or cars. Last year, when the " 200" was revived at Donington under this new ruling, Richard Seaman ran away from the big...

Page 11 of May 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, May 1937


E.R.A. WINS THE EMPIRE TROPHY RACE VICTORY FOR RAYMOND MAYS WITH THE 1,100 CM. CAR AT 62.96 M.P.H. The B.R.D.C. opened the British racing season with the Empire Trophy Race at Donington on April 10th, when the race was attended by a crowd variously estimated at from 12,000 to 15,000, a larger attendance than Donington has ever had before, and a very fine augury for the 1937 season. A very fine...

Page 6 of September 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, September 1934

the nice g.p won by varz

THE NICE G.P. WON BY VARZI NUVOLARI AND ETANCELIN (MASERATIS) GIVE THE FERRARI ALFA-ROMEOS A GOOD RUN FOR THEIR MONEY, AND THE LATTER FINISHES SECOND. RACE ATTENDED BY HUGE CROWDS. THE Nice Grand Prix, inaugurated two years ago, is one of the most popular events in France. Immense crowds turn up at the sunny town, and huge grandstands are filled to overflowing-to say nothing of the hotels which...

Page 41 of January 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, January 1936

Continental Notes and News

ConfinerecaL Note Newo By OUR CONTINENTAL CORRESPONDENT Teutonic Thoroughness I wonder how many spectators 'at a Grand Prix realise the immense amount of preparation that has gone towards the perfection of the cars flashing past the trOunes? In this vital, yet often tedious, phase of motor racing none are more conscientious than the Germans, as witness a certain expedition across Switzerland to...

Page 42 of October 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, October 1935


TAM! BEATS NUVOLARI AND VARZ1 NO BRITISH DRIVERS pIPRESSIVE VICTORY FOR FERRARI DRIVER IN THE STELVIO HILL-CLIMB. To beat Nuvolari by 17 seconds in a hill-climb is a feat of which anyone may justly be proud. By doing so, Mario Tadini has established himself for all time as one of the finest hill-climbing exponents. The scene of his exploit was the Stelvio Pass, that superb mountain road, in the...

Page 18 of August 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, August 1934


Continental Notes and News The Barcelona Race. pRESSURE of space in the July issue prevented me from including a description of the Grand Prix Penya Rhin, which took place on the Montjuich circuit, near Barcelona. To many readers, however, MOTOR SPORT is a sort of history of motor racing, and for their benefit a short account of the race is given here. A first class entry list was obtained,...

Page 8 of August 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, August 1991

Letter to readers

A Little History Dear Reader, In 1989 Maurice Hamilton wrote a readable and straightforward history of the British Grand Prix, going back to the first race to carry that title. It was a race held on an artificial road-type circuit laid out on the Brooklands Motor Course and organised by our Royal Automobile Club in 1926. The following year the RAC again organised a British Grand Prix at...

Page 102 of August 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 102, August 2006

Racer, author, survivor

Hans Ruesch won scores of pre-war races and then turned to authorship Hans Ruesch is about the last of the pre-war racers who is still with us. He was born in Naples in 1913, his mother a Neapolitan-speaking Swiss, his father a German-born industrial archaeologist, so the boy spoke both languages, and later added two more. After five years at a Swiss boarding school Ruesch went to Zurich...

Page 28 of September 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, September 1934


Continental Notes and News By HAROLD NOCKOLDS Alfa-Romeo Victories in the Targa Abruzzo. ALTHOUGH overshadowed in importance by the Mille Miglia, the • Targa Abruzzo race for sports cars has become firmly established on the Italian calendar. The event held on August 12th and 13th was the third of its kind, and took place over the Circuit of Pescara. There were two groups, one for supercharged and...

Page 38 of March 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, March 1938


STABLE INFORMATION During his commentary on some slides, shown before his film "Motoring with Mercedes," at the Harrow C.C. Film Show on February 17th, George Monkhouse gave some hitherto unpublished information about the Grand Prix Mercedes-Benz cars of last season. The tubular side-members of the .chassis, he said, are of oval-section only mm. thick, and before the crossmembers are in place it...



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