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Page 40, June 2002

Long-distance front runners

A car's greatness can be measured not just in results but also by the memories it triggers. Some of the 956/962's famous operators tell David Malsher what this car means to them At the end of 1981, I went to see Professor [Helmut] Bott of Porsche. He said, Well, Derek, we would like you to drive for us next year. We are building a monocoque chassis; we have never done that before. We are putting...

Page 27, September 1990

Omnipotence Reigns!

It was predictable, really, that the Sauber Mercedes team would return to Dijon-Prenois in a determined mood. Last year's result was the one blot on the team's record sheet, and that was motive enough. Then, Sauber had the luxury of developing and testing the C11 right through June, when all the rival teams were preparing for Le Mans and recovering from the ordeal. The result? Mercedes' third 1-2...

Page 27, August 1984

ADAC 1,000 Kilometres

Having just had their Monza victory confirmed following an appeal to the ruling body, Derek Bell and Stefan Bellof went ahead in the World Endurance Championship for Drivers with a very narrow victory on the new Nürburgring circuit, 4.55 kilometres of twisting, plunging track which puts heavy demands on good braking. The more important Constructors' Championship is already a foregone conclusion...

Page 50, February 2005

Roofs of the world

These iconic saloon cars went to tin-top war in the late 1980s. But which is better: Sierra RS500 or BMW M3? Ian Flux decides... The old Abbey on the old Silverstone had always been easy flat. Until now. Approaching at more than 150mph, perched in a repmobile teetering on skinny tyres, this left kink suddenly required all my concentration. And a lift. And a dab. Nobody had told me that touring...

Page 54, October 2008

One for the pros

Procar involved some stunning BMW M1s and a bunch of F1 drivers who were let loose on the track before a Grand Prix. No wonder they wanted a reunion By Adam Cooper BMW celebrated the 30th anniversary of the M1 in style by running a pair of demonstration Procar races at the German Grand Prix meeting. Ten of the Group 4 racers, both privately owned and from the company museum, recalled the...

Page 18, November 1990

Memorable for the Wrong Reason

History has a nasty habit of repeating itself, as the World Championship sports car teams were reminded when they went to Canada. The first and last time Group C was run in Canada, 50 races ago in August 1985, the Jaguar XJR-6 made its debut at Mosport but the occasion was overshadowed by the accident which took the life of Manfred Winkelhock. This year, in September, the Peugeot 905 made its...

Page 86, April 2005

Running on empty

Jo Gartner scrimped and saved his way to F1 and should have had a top-line sportscar career if he hadn't crashed to his death at Le Mans. Adam Cooper looks back On January 24 last year a group of people gathered near Vienna to celebrate what would have been the 50th birthday of Jo Gartner. Often overlooked today, the Austrian was sometimes regarded as something of an outsider, perhaps because the...

Page 42, December 2002

Roller coaster

 Possibly the best rally driver of all time, Walter Röhrl's very special blend of sublime talent, unswerving focus and brutal honesty ensured his title-winning years were less than serene... By John Davenport It must be a great feeling to wake up as the new world champion — and have a five-year contract with Europe's richest car company tucked away under your pillow. But not so great when said...

Page 28, November 1988

World Sportscar Championship: Fuji 1000kms

Brundle's day Martin Brundle took a sabbatical from Formula One racing in order to win the World Sports-Prototype Championship for Drivers, and the ambition was realised at Fuji on October 9 when he and Eddie Cheever won the Japanese 1000km in their Jaguar XJR-9. Brundle's season began with a rousing victory in the Daytona 24-Hours, and he continued to win five World Championship events (of ten...

Page 115, October 2013

Events of the Month

Silverstone Classic With 1100 entries for 24 races, there is no doubting the scale of the Silverstone Classic. But this is an event that extends beyond simply a race meeting, with displays, live music, parades and more. A record crowd suggests that the promoters have got the mix right, but by any measure it is a vast event. Fifty years on from his victory at Silverstone during his dominant 1963...


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