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Page 113 of May 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 113, May 1984

V-E-V Miscellany

Old photographs continue to come to light. For instance, the Cumberland & Westmorland Herald was sent a picture showing the Graphic Motor Works, a garage in King Street, Penrith, which is now the site of the Herald office, probably taken before the First World War and showing a line-up of early cars outside, with owners and a chauffeur in attendance, one being a Lanchester landaulette, while...

Page 40 of August 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, August 1960

Vintage Postbag

Sir, I was most interested in your May issue with an article on my old Belsize-Bradshaw car. The article is at least 90 per cent correct and I cannot quarrel with any of it but it has occurred to me that some of your readers might like to know, from the designers of these older models, the real reason for some of the drastic changes they have made and how technically sound have these changes been...

Page 70 of June 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, June 1990

Grand Prix, World Formula One Championship 1989/90.

by Nigel Roebuck. 160 pp. 11"x 8 3/8" Published by Garry Sparke & Associates, Australia. Distributed in the UK by Motor Racing Publications, Unit 6, The Pilton Estate, 46 Pitlake, Croydon, Surrey CRO 3RY. £15.95 When it comes to producing attractive and well printed books, the Australians can show everybody a thing or two. Of these, then, it is Garry Sparke & Associates who are foremost...

Page 36 of March 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, March 1981


Some Random Reflections on the 1920s I was fascinated to read, in your September issue, the "Memories of the Austin Whippet", as I cut my internal combustion teeth on the Anzani engine fitted to the aircraft mentioned, some years before the machine came into the possession of Air-Commodore Pearson. My own air-baptism occurred when the Headmaster of our North London school took us to Hendon in...

Page 40 of December 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, December 1973

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters ⁂ Sir, In reference to Harry Hawker's Mercedes-Sunbeam aero engined special — you say that after Hawker's death in 1921 the car disappeared. Well, not according to an article in the Riley Record of July 1934. I quote: "a representative of the Riley Record recently discovered what must be one of the biggest cars in everyday use, the car which is the property of...

Page 66 of November 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, November 1981

Not the only one

It is recounted above how a popular Brooklands Calthorpe vanished without trace, during the 1930s or in the early war period. It is by no means the only such car to have done so. Although Motor Sport usually gets to hear of the more interesting old cars in derelict circumstances, and this was especially so during the war, we never have discovered what became of the Wolseley-Viper, used by Avon...

Page 76 of March 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, March 1996

The Battle of Small Cars - 60 minutes Flat Out

A decent debate could be centred around which of the records, in the days when racing drivers and record breaking were largely synonymous, was the most difficult to achieve. To run for 24 hours involved the night spell. To keep going at a successful speed-pitch even for one round of the clock called for a high degree of mechanical reliability, although with time in hand repairs were permissible...

Page 43 of September 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, September 1931


HISTORY OF THE RACE What Has Happened in 18 Years. THE history of the race for the trophy given by the late Jacques Schneider goes back eighteen years. The first contest was held in 1913 at Monaco over a course measuring 150 miles. The winner proved to be Prevost, one of the French entries with a Deperdussin monoplane, powered with a Gnome rotary engine of 160 h.p., and his speed was 45.75 m.p.h...

Page 52 of September 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, September 1973

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A Section Devoted To Old-Car Matters Looking back at VSCC Silverstone The second VSCC Silverstone Meeting was plagued by heavy rain showers, which was unfortunate, because there was a record entry and because the wet track was directly responsible for the Bentley-Napier leaving the course and being badly damaged, with David Llewellyn being slightly injured. The traditional races at this meeting...

Page 20 of August 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, August 1944


Sir. My interest in the Sport—purely as a spectator—goes back to just after the last war. I followed the Sport in the weekly journals very closely, but was only able to get to Brooklands to see races, except in a few eases which provided some high lights : notably the last hill climb at Kop in 1920, when G i ve(:11 's Bugatti (ex-Mays) ran amok and did some damage. At this meeting Freddie Dixon...



December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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