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Page 62 of May 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, May 1984


Personal disappointment relates to not having been sufficiently industrious in youth, to have studied things like workshop practice and simple welding etc, so that I could have worked on my cars and perhaps even built a special, and God not having endowed me with the qualities required for being a top-line racing driver… Thinking in terms of the many disappointments that have involved those who...

Page 81 of October 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 81, October 2000

Light-blue touchpaper

This 1908 Panhard was build for one purpose: To win a Grand Prix. It was as stunning then as a modern Formula One car is today. And the parallels don't end there, explains Paul Fearnley. A damn silly rinky-dink idea in the first place: stick some modem-day road-testing equipment on a 92-year-old grand prix car in a bid to explode a few myths about 'jalopies'. So there I was, fussing and fretting...

Page 53 of May 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, May 1979

The other side of Brooklands

With the arrival of better weather, the Editor recalls the days when people went to Weybridge not only to see the motor racing, but to watch the aeroplane races CONSIDERING that the first heavier-than-air machine had proved that it could get off the ground only six years previously, the attention given by the Brooklands authorities to aviation in 1909 deserves to be remembered. Moreover, flying...

Page 38 of February 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, February 1974

Another remarkable restoration ... of a Veteran racing-car

The Editor Rides with Bill Lake on his 1902 9.2-litre Paris-Vienna Mors In 1970, MOTOR SPORT devoted considerable space to Philip Mann's rebuilt 1914 Mercedes, winner of that year's French Grand Prix, describing it as the restoration of the decade. We are not in the habit of cramming our pages with accounts of any recently restored ancient cars that turn up, preferring to wait until something...

Page 82 of April 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, April 2001

Charles Jarrott: British motor racing pioneer

The are some figures in motorsport whose importance has been unfairly ignored, ad Charles Jarrott is one such. Bill Boddy believes it is time to redress the balance So why Charles Jarrott? Because at the dawn of motor racing he, S F Edge, and C S Rolls were among very few British participants in this new, very exacting — even dangerous — undertaking. Apart from Austin, Napier and Wolseley, there...

Page 63 of October 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 63, October 1979

The War-Time Diaries of an RFC Officer

The first serialised-instalments of this Diary appeared in Lord Montagu of Beaulieu's late-lamented V& V Magazine. Due to a change of policy, their continuation was rejected by its successor. Because I consider this rare period material far too valuable and interesting, to both motoring and aviation enthusiasts, to discard, I am continuing the series in Motor Sport. The diaries came to light...

Page 54 of May 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, May 1992

Forgotten Makes: The Farman

The Farman was built by the brothers Farman and is thus another car which was the product of racing drivers, because Henri and Maurice Farman took part in those now legendary town-to-town and early circuit races, at the turn of the century. Their father was an Englishman, living in Paris, correspondent for the London newspaper The Standard. The young Farrnans drove for Panhard-Levassor. Maurice...

Page 23 of June 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, June 1932


VETERAN TYPES X. -A DARRACO "FLYING FIFTEEN. -A H. I bet she goes," remarked t h e village garage mechanic, a man who served his apprenticeship underneath a very early Cannst adt Daimler. 1` They used to call these t h e 'Flying Fifteen."' The object of his remarks, although undoubtedly a " flyer " in its day hardly coincided with the modern idea of a sports car. Behind a low brass honeycomb...


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