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Page 36 of September 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, September 1977

The Racing Cars of Jack Bartlett

Described to the Editor in a recent interview Before the war Jack Bartlett was well known in the sporting motoring circles as the London used-car dealer who supplied the better-class, properly turned-out, sports cars, from his premises at 27a Pembridge Villas, Notting Hill. Some very exciting machinery passed through his hands, and his clients numbered many famous racing personalities and fast...

Page 14 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, September 2014

Matters of moment

Following our revealing interview with FIA president Jean Todt last month, you may recall that we posted a copy of our ‘Formula 1 manifesto for change’, printed in our April issue, to Luca di Montezemolo. The Ferrari chairman has taken it upon himself to cajole the major players to discuss the future of Grand Prix racing, and we couldn’t resist giving him a nudge towards our ideas to shake up the...

Page 93 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 93, July 2014

A nation divided

Behind the shock and awe of era-defining Silver Arrows domination, tension festered in the wake of the Führer’s decision to split state funding between Mercedes and the new Auto UnionWriter Doug Nye Pre-war motor racing was well reported by the British weeklies The Motor and The Autocar, with Tom Moore and friends in Motor Sport having more time to get it right. Time reveals so much more – but...

Page 144 of November 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 144, November 2008

An island gathering

Most of us have a ‘fantasy garage’ in our minds, but some people are able to fill that garage for real Motor museums are of great importance for a number of reasons and this country is fortunate in the high quality of the many we have, from Lord Montagu’s National Motor Museum onwards. But in a very different category are the private collections maintained by discerning enthusiasts. One of these...

Page 22 of December 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, December 1932


1932 IN RETROSPECT. A SUMMARY OF THE YEAR'S ACTIVITIES AND TENDENCIES By HAROLD NOCKOLDS IN spite of conditions of world economic depression motor racing in 1932 has enjoyed a more widespread popularity than in any year since the Great War. Prom the public point of view this can be accounted for to a certain extent by the apparent paradox that the less money people are earning, and the larger the...

Page 77 of November 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 77, November 2013

You, me and WB

The spirit of Bill Boddy was surely travelling with our two-man Bentley crew as they sprinted to John O'Groats and back At midnight on June 27, 1938, a 4¼-litre Derby Bentley eased away from Parliament Square and turned to the north. At its wheel was a 25-year-old lad who was already the editor of Motor Sport and would go on to become the longest-serving contributor to this or, so far as we have...

Page 11 of May 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, May 1933


AN HISTORIC MONACO GRAND PRIX ACHILLE VARZI (BUGATTI) AFTER A TENSE DUAL WITH NUVOLARI (ALFA ROMEO) WINS ONE OF THE MOST THRILLING RACES EVER KNOWN MONTE CARLO, Sunday Night. NEVER has there been a more thrilling race! For the whole distance, occupying nearly 3½, hours, the blue and the red, France and Italy, Varzi and Nuvolari, Bugatti and Alfa Romeo, have waged a battle that will live for ever...

Page 144 of September 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 144, September 2008

Bill Boddy

A life in the fast lane Family wealth allowed Dick Shuttleworth to pursue his passion for racing and flying, while his adventurous streak occasionally led him into trouble with the law Richard Shuttleworth (or Ormonde) was born in July 1909, educated at Eton and served with the Lancer Regiment. His parents, Colonel Frank and Dorothy Clotilda Lang, had been presented to King Edward VII and...

Page 11 of June 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, June 1932


The BRITISH EMPIRE TROPHY IN Staging a 100 mile scratch race for ears of unlimited capacity on Brook, lands, the British Racing DriversWlub showed great enterprise but perhaps not sufficient foresight. As a thrilling spectacle the event was a great success. As a race in which the leading cars were called to give their utmost speed, and as an event intended to provide a decisive result, it was a...

Page 6 of July 1928 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, July 1928

1928 Le Mans 24 Hours report

4 1/2 litre Bentley driven by Woolf Barnato and B. Rubin wins the Grand Prix d'Endurance at record speed. 1,100cc Salmson wins the fourth Rudge-Whitworth Cup The Barnarto/Rubin Bentley leads the race Photos: Motorsport Images One of the finest road races ever staged on the Continent or anywhere else was run over the Sarthe circuit at Le Mans, on the 16th and 17th of June. The Sixth Grand Prix of...



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Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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