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Page 40 of August 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, August 1967

Book Reviews

"Leyland — Seventy Years of Progress." 55 pages, 11½ in. x 9 in. Soft covers. (The Leyland Motor Corporation, Leyland, Lancashire. 15s.) This is rather an off-beat review, because Leyland have written and issued this soft-cover publication as a publicity move. But it contains very nicely reproduced photographs of many of their commercial and public service vehicles, so the attention of H.C.V.C....

Page 92 of October 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, October 1973

"Cars In Books"

Sir, Your MOTOR SPORT apart from being the best 15 pence worth of reading matter anywher ein the country is also very tantalising! Every successive copy brings nostalgic memories of the past in Motoring and Aviatton. I was particularly interested in your review of the book on Vivian Hewitt and although It is often claimed that he was the first to flv the Irish Sea, a prior claim is made for...

Page 15 of October 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, October 1952

Reader's Letter

Sir, I was interested in Mr. Hewitt's letter concerning the Riley Twelve in your September issue. The Twelve, with the 69 by 110-mm. engine, first appeared at the 1925 Show—the earlier 10.7s and the "Redwings" having the 65.8-mm. bore engine - and it continued in production until 1928 when it was finally dropped as a result of the success of the "Nine." Judging from the photograph, I think it...

Page 72 of August 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, August 1990

Forgotten Makes No.93: The 'pedals to push' Adams

We have long become used to most car manufacturers offering an automatic transmission option and it is no longer considered a stigma for experienced drivers to buy such cars; even enthusiasts now seldom see much against mechanical gear-shifting, perhaps remembering that many years ago top racing drivers were seen driving cars with this type of gearbox. To the less keen or unskilled car...

Page 37 of February 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, February 1952

Club affairs

GA Woodcock, 73b, London Road, Peterborough, is now the secretary of the Peterborough MC.  Eton College now has its motor club, The Rootes Group has presented engines and chassis for the workshop and it is hoped that cars will eventually be built. The club's president is GR St Aubyn and the secretary is CJJ Balfour, Heath Lodge, Petersfield, Hampshire. The Singer Owners' Club reports a membership...

Page 43 of July 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, July 1978

A Brooklands-Model Riley 9

Sir, I read Mr. Hewitt's letter with more than a little surprise, for I am the owner of Brooklands Riley PG 472 (or what's left of it). I acquired the chassis and some other bits in 1967 from one Philip Palmer who had built up one Brooklands out of two and I had the bits that were left over. The chassis (No. 8055) had a body frame of angle iron welded to it! (the things some people do!) which I...


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