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Page 6 of August 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, August 1933


GOOD RACING AT DIEPPE. Leltoux (Bugatti) beats the official Molsheim Team. 2000 C.C. category won by Count Czaikowski, with Earl Howe (Delage) second. IN the mind of one spectator, at least, the Dippe Grand Prix is earmarked quite definitely as an event not to be missed on any account. It has so many . good points. First and foremost, it does not cost a great deal to see the race in comfort; the...

Page 40 of December 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, December 1973

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters ⁂ Sir, In reference to Harry Hawker's Mercedes-Sunbeam aero engined special — you say that after Hawker's death in 1921 the car disappeared. Well, not according to an article in the Riley Record of July 1934. I quote: "a representative of the Riley Record recently discovered what must be one of the biggest cars in everyday use, the car which is the property of...

Page 64 of November 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, November 1974

United States Grand Prix

Heading a Brabham 1-2 in the United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen was Argentinian Carlos Reutemann who led from start to finish. He is seen below left sharing the winner's rostrum with Pace and Hunt. Bottom left, Niki Lauda's Ferrari leads a queue of cars comprising Fittipaldi's McLaren, Watson's Brabham and Merzario's Williams. Bottom right, Clay Regazzoni's Ferrari leads Mass' McLaren,...

Page 16 of November 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, November 2005

Nigel Roebuck's Legends

He used to be ill before a race.  No wonder James Hunt only started enjoying motorsport once he stopped driving... After who knows how many years, I went back to Brands Hatch in late September for the inaugural A1GP race, and as I walked into the paddock I was struck overwhelmingly by thoughts of James Hunt, who had some of his greatest days there. Man and place are inextricably woven in my mind...

Page 71 of May 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 71, May 1994

Cars in books

Cars in books Cecil Lewis, still writing at 95, but perhaps best-remembered for his wonderful account of flying with the RFC during the First World War (Sagittarius Rising, published in 1936 by Peter Davies and commended by no less a person than Bernard Shaw, so that it went into at least six impressions), caused me and the LeaFrancis OC some problems when, in a later book Farewell To Wings (...

Page 21 of September 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, September 1978

The Austrian Grand Prix

A strange affair Knittelfeld, August 13th It never ceases to amaze that the Grand Prix at the Osterreichring has become so established in such a relatively short space of time, the first GP being held in 1970. Apart from a healthy enthusiasm among the organisers and public alike, the whole concept of the Osterreichring Was right from the word go, when its form was laid out on the mountainous...

Page 21 of July 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, July 1975

The Swedish Grand Prix

Ferrari AgainAnderstorp, June 8th A very complete field of runners turned out for the Swedish Grand Prix and all twenty-six were guaranteed a start as the Anderstorp Raceway is large and spacious. As it was built on a flat piece of waste land there are no interesting contours for the circuit to follow and in consequence the corners and straights are all very geometric requiring a car to be...

Page 51 of July 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, July 1954

17th Eifelrennen Meeting

Nurburgring, May 23rd. The annual Eifelrennen meeting on the Nurburgring track in Western Germany saw events for sports cars and Formula III cars, as well as motor-cycle races and a vast entry produced a very full day of racing. After two events for "series sports cars that were both dominated by a large collection of Porsches, the two most important events of the day took place, the first for...

Page 121 of November 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 121, November 1980


Chauffeur's Corner THE SON of a Wiltshire blacksmith, Mr. R. J. Wells — he likes to be called James — left school at 15 and entered the service of Sir Ernest Wills, of tobacco fame, as a gardener. The estate-gardens at Littlecote, near Hungerford, were the finest in the south of England, and you can still visit them today. When the lad started there in 1923 they were administered to by a staff of...

Page 36 of April 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, April 1975

The South African Grand Prix

Scheckter is the new national hero, Kyalami, March 1st The six-week break between the Brazilian Grand Prix at the end of January and the South African Grand Prix on March 1st provided welcome relief for most Grand Prix teams, giving them time to reflect on their own individual situation after the first two events of the season and enabling several of them either to complete new machinery or try...



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