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Page 92 of November 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, November 2008

Fighting on the home front

Jimmy McRae never really carved out an international rally career – but he didn’t need to when the competition was so good at homeBy John Davenport To successfully take up rallying after the first flush of youth is not unknown in our sport. Eugen Böhringer did not start his career until 1958 when he was 36 years old, then went on to win the European Rally Championship and the Liège-Sofia-Liège...

Page 18 of March 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, March 1988

Rally review: Swedish Rally

Markku in the murk When all Europe seemed to be enduring wind and rain in place of the customary winter cold, and predominantly dry conditions had characterised the Monte Carlo Rally, it was hardly surprising that Sweden's Varmland should have far less than its usual coating of snow in February. When the Swedish Rally set out from Karlstad on February 4, dark clouds and murk merged with the...

Page 54 of December 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, December 1987

Neither Cut Nor Dried

The odds in favour of a home win for Lancia in the Sanremo Rally were high. No less than seven four-wheel-drive Deltas were among the first eleven starters in the last-but-one World Championship qualifier of the year — two entered by the factory, two by the Jolly Club, two by the Grifone team and one by French Lancia importer André Chardonnet. It was no surprise that six of them finished in the...

Page 30 of November 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, November 1993

Ice cool for Alex

Whilst Colin McRae was spending much of his mid-year time on the other side of the world, the other rallying members of the family were deeply involved in preparations for the Cyprus Rally, the final co-efficient 20 round of the European Championship and certainly the one which has the greatest endurance factor. As the last major qualifier of the series it rarely attracts drivers who are chasing...

Page 43 of January 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, January 1984

Lombard RAC Rally of Great Britain

When FISA finally gave in to an overwhelming demand and created, in 1979, an official World Championship for rally drivers, rather than just their cars, the tussle for the title was nail-bitingly close. All year Hannu Mikkola and Björn Waldegård made little impression on each other, and if one moved ahead significantly, the other soon caught up. Finally, the first holder of the title was...

Page 32 of November 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, November 1982


RALLY REVIEW Cyprus Rally 'FOP-HEAVY, cluttered by coefficients, and with so many qualifying events that they frequently overlap, the European Rally Championship never seems to attract attention until about hallway through the year, when two or three drivers have emerged as potential winners of the series. Only then are efforts intensified, and the policy of some teams appears to be to tick over...

Page 66 of September 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, September 1998

King 'B'

Henri Toivonen and the Group B rally car were destined to make and then destroy each other’s life. John Davenport reports As the song says about love and marriage, they could have been made for one another. Henri Toivonen and the Group B rally cars of the mid-1980s seemed to share the same destiny and, together, produced some of the most fiery displays of driving ever seen on the world rally...

Page 16 of February 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, February 1989

Rally review: Swedish Rally

Relegation Last year there was talk that the Swedish Rally was a candidate for FISA's chopping-block; that it was in danger of being dropped from the World Championship. Happily, that did not happen, and the series kept its one event which can lay claim to being a snow rally. However, it was dropped from the makes section, a move which is generally considered to be akin to relegation. FISA's view...

Page 14 of January 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, January 1988

Rally review: Lombard RAC Rally

Kankkunen's Kingdom Last month we took a gamble by suggesting that a Lancia domination of November's Lombard RAC Rally, very probable on recent form, might give rise to one of the contrived results for which the Italian team has become noted in the past year or so. The gamble ended in deadlock and we find ourselves having neither to eat our words, nor to crow about them. Whilst Massimo Biasion,...

Page 58 of July 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, July 1988

Groomed for the Garlands

When Markku Alén, having spent considerable time developing and testing the Delta Integrale in Kenya prior to this year's Marlboro Safari Rally, was then withdrawn by Lancia from the event itself, the inference was that the team's main objective was to get Biasion to win. After all, Lancia had never won the Safari, and what better than to have its first victory go to an Italian crew? The official...



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