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Page 135 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 135, September 2014

On the road with... Simon Arron

All the wolds a stage... Cadwell Park, June 22: the perfect alternative to a cancelled ’Ring trip When I awoke this morning, the first thing I heard was a cuckoo…” The Historic Sports Car Club’s CEO Grahame White seemed rather pleased about his unexpected alarm call, one that perfectly summarised the appeal of Cadwell Park and its surrounding Wolds. My original weekend plan had been to attend the...

Page 48 of November 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, November 1957

Individual Achievements 1957

A tribute to Ecurie Ecosse and Lotus Engineering by Denis Jenkinson A great deal is heard about personal triumphs, but probably the outstanding achievements by individuals during 1957 were the efforts of David Murray and Colin Chapman at Le Mans. I use the term individual loosely, for both gentlemen are the first to point out that their successes at Le Mans were entirely due to the work of a team...

Page 38 of April 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, April 1965

Veteran – Edwardian – Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters The April V.S.C.C. Silverstone meeting The race meetings so ably organised by the Vintage S.C.C. attract notably large numbers of spectators because, apart from their own members and friends and others who prefer old to modern motoring sport, the variety of the competing cars appeals greatly even to those who, in general, side with Henry Ford in thinking that...

Page 23 of August 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, August 1958


A section devoted to old-car matters INTEREST in vintage cars is spreading rapidly in Belgium. Stopping at a Shell garage just outside Charleroi recently, we met George Rapailde and his wife, who proudly showed us their Amilcar, which they described as a Type CGS, being a 1925 s.v. Gran Sport in a very nice rebuilt condition. Purchased last year in Belgium they overhauled it and have already...

Page 65 of October 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, October 1996

Sorting Out The Anzani Twin-Cam Engines

We have received the following communication from Barry Peerless about Anzani twin-cam engines, which have been the subject of speculation in recent issues of MOTOR SPORT, We thank Mr Peerless for clearing up the points involved. W B Re your article in the August Motor Sport on the R1 Anzani engined Frazer Nash, the following may be of interest. Firstly, The R1 (Ross No 1) was not a supercharged...

Page 27 of March 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, March 1970

A sporting Prime Minister

THE Rhodesian Commentary reports that after Love had won the 3-hour race at the new Bulawayo circuit in a Lola-Chevrolet he pointed to the passenger's seat before starting his lap of honour and Mr. Ian Smith lowered himself in and accompanied Love. One of the English drivers is reported to have said "Our Prime Minister wouldn't dare". The 21/2-mile Bulawayo course is said to be a "big improvement...

Page 99 of January 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 99, January 2005

Simon Taylor's Notebook

Leftover turkey and stale mince pies or a bracing day out down at the Hatch ? No contest -- in the 1960's The yearly Celebration of Unbridled Consumerism, which quaintly but irrelevantly borrows its name from a 2000-year-old religious festival, sees much of the population stop work around December 17, presumably to allow more time for that unpleasant activity known as shopping, and only start...

Page 30 of October 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, October 1964


A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters Old Vauxhalls at Luton (Sept. 5th) It used to be Vauxhalls at Old Luton, car manufacture comparatively new and the town noted for straw hats. On September 5th it was old Vauxhalls at Luton, Vauxhall Motors Ltd. acting as hosts to members of the 30/98 Register of the V.S.C.C. In sunshine' on Vauxhall's spacious sports field, the ancient cars assembled, for...

Page 45 of August 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, August 1972


Last month Humbers, this month it is Fiats. The occasion was the First International Fiat Register Meeting, with 13 cars from the UK Fiat Register, ten from the Registro Fiat Italiano and the same number from the Club Amateurs Fiat d'Epoque converging on Eastbourne on July 1st. This memorable event was supported with the utmost generosity by the Fiat organisation and run with unflurried...

Page 86 of December 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, December 1976

Lotus information

Sir, Perhaps your readers would assist in a restoration by helping to identify a 1954 Lotus Mk. 8 that I bought through a Motor Sport advertisement two years ago. Like many early Lotus cars, it bears no chassis or registration number, and since it appears never to have been converted to highway use, the search is particularly difficult; nonetheless, it has proceded backwards in time through three...



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