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Page 54 of August 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, August 2002

Driver opinions

Only two men have driven works-built 131 and Escort in the relevant period : Björn Waldegård and Simo Lampinen. Lampinen: 'The Escort was fantastic, a real joy. You could do 20 things wrong and still get it back each time. It was a natural oversteerer. So long as you could turn the wheel, you were okay. And the engine was unbelievable. "The Fiat was more of a racing car. It helped to be really...

Page 122 of April 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 122, April 2010

Ferrari Daytona

It wasn’t exactly the most fleet-looking Ferrari, but the Daytona was quick, and it proved a real heavy-hitter for years on track. Today, it’s still terrorising historic grids By Richard Heseltine The sense of disappointment was palpable. Somehow it appeared just so, well, predictable. When ushered in at the 1968 Paris Motor Show, Ferrari’s big-boned and full-bodied 365GTB/4 was met with muted...

Page 60 of March 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, March 1973

Monte Carlo Rally

After penetrating the blockades (see Rally Review) fifty-one finishers were led into Monte Carlo by a trio of factory Alpines, winners being Jean-Claude Andruet and his young girl co-driver Michele Petit, known as "Biche". Two works-entered 2-litre Escorts started well but the quicker, that of Hannu Mikkola and Jim Porter, could only manage fourth place though it did win the Touring Car category...

Page 50 of May 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, May 1973

TAP Rally

Rally review Choose any rally in the world and, if you wanted to, you could probably pick out a score of features which characterise that event and render it different from all others. But when each one is over, one or two points always remain firmly fixed in your mind above all the others. The TAP Rally had several unique features, but perhaps the ones which are most likely to be remembered...

Page 25 of December 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, December 1977

Rally Review

Fiat clinches World Championship in Corsica At the beginning of the year, when Fiat was the only manufacturer to declare a firm resolve to tackle the World Rally Championship for Makes, announcing a programme taking in all but one of the eleven qualifying events, it was commonly felt that they would succeed. Since the championship began it had never really been hotly contested, for the financial...

Page 58 of November 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, November 2002

Four on the floor

The one that got away Daniele Audetto: 1978 Monte Carlo Rally To have one team car stuck is unfortunate... to have four looks like very bad publicity. Fiat's team director tells John Davenport about it Fiat had been World Rally Champions in 1977. After a year as Ferrari team manager, Daniele Audetto had returned to Fiat for the 1977 season to run the Italian manufacturer's onslaught with the Fiat...

Page 44 of March 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, March 2006

Martini, Tarquini and Ninni

Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Fiat all owe Ninni Russo a great debt and he's still going strong. He talks to John Davenport To have seven World Rally Manufacturer titles on your CV of which six were in consecutive years is a pretty powerful indication that as a rally manager you know what you're doing. When you also have a British Touring Car title, then versatility creeps into the equation. Today,...

Page 50 of April 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, April 1977

Rally Review

The Portuguese Rally In most rallies nowadays, tyres play a vital role. It is of the utmost importance to provide cars with as much grip as modern tyre technology can achieve, so on tarmac special stages one finds tyres not at all dissimilar to those used on racing circuits, on rough roads one finds chunky treads, on smooth, hard roads a compromise of the two and on ice or snow a combination of...

Page 120 of April 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 120, April 2008

Andruet's Alpine trip

Former Monte Carlo Rally winner Jean-Claude Andruet got back behind the wheel of a Renault Alpine A110 for the annual Historic Ice Trophy held at Altenmarkt, Austria, in January. The double French rally champion, who won the 1973 Monte in an A110, drove a replica of that car with owner Marco Cipriani as a passenger, as a full and varied field of classic cars tackled the two-mile circuit of packed...

Page 49 of September 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, September 2004

All revved up for the Revival

Packed grids of famous cars, great racing and period dress are all part of the Goodwood revival experience. Paul Lawrence is your guide to this year's event... Forget Formula one fuel strategy, technical overkill and politics. Early September is time for the Goodwood Revival Meeting, a reminder of what motorsport used to be about. More races, a full race programme on Saturday and new ticketing...



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