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Page 30 of September 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, September 1965

Coupe des Alpes

Results:Category A—Touring: 1st: R. Trautmann/C. Bouchet (Lancia Flavia).2nd: T. Makinen/. P. Easter (Cooper S).3rd: H. Taylor/B. Melia (Cortina-Lotus).4th: P. Hopkirk/H. Liddon (Copper).5th: J. F. Piot/F. Jacob (R8-Gordini).6th: J. Vinatier/H. Melot (R8-Gordini).7th: J. C. Ogier/B. Ogier (DS19).8th: A. Fall/J. Wood (Morris-Cooper).9th: R. Neyret/J. P. Vehrilac (DS19).10th: R. Clark/A. Porter (...

Page 83 of January 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 83, January 2010

Lunch with... Jochen Mass

Not many racing drivers have mixed competing in Grands Prix with sailing trips across the Atlantic. And that’s before you factor in this laid-back German’s sports car successesBy Simon Taylor For most of 2009, a quarter of the drivers on the Grand Prix grids were from Germany. And, thanks to the long reign of Michael Schumacher, that country is statistically one of the more successful in Formula...

Page 50 of May 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, May 2003

Ove achiever

The spot on the F1 pit wall which Ove Andersson occupies today seems a far cry from his background as a top-line rally driver. But, as John Davenport explains, these early experiences were crucial in shaping Toyota's motorsport general It cannot have escaped your notice that several successful rally men have migrated to the world of Formula One in recent years. Ferrari has two, its president and...

Page 35 of March 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, March 1968

Rally Review

Monte Carlo Rally Throughout Europe in the past few years, rallying has steadily become so sophisticated that it is almost beyond comparison with the adventurous, shovel-laden journeys of pre-war and even post-war years. As rally crews have become more skilled, and professionalism more prevalent, so have the cars developed from well stocked and equipped production line models to powerful...

Page 33 of July 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, July 1974

Morocco Rally

A combination of several circumstances resulted in a drastic reduction in the quality of the entry for this year's Morocco Rally. Normally well supported by the French manufacturers, the event only attracted Alpine-Renault this time, the Dieppe-based team running away with victory without too much effort. Citroen used to work on the principle that their cars would show up best on the rougher...

Page 23 of March 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, March 1967

Rally Review

Swedish Rally Results -- General Classification (top five): Ist: B.Soderstrom/G.Palm (Cortina-Lotus) ....43,726 penalties 2nd: S.Lampinen/T.Palm (Saab V4).....44,440 penalties 3rd: R.Aaltonen/H.Liddon (1275 Cooper S).....44,720 penalties 4th: O.Eriksson/H.Johansson (Opel Rekord) ..... 45,700 penalties 5th: I.Nassenius/B.Frodin (Opel Rekord)..... 46,105 penalties. Sweden is a very long and...

Page 21 of August 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, August 1971

1971 British Grand Prix race report - Stewart and Tyrrell again

  Although the British Grand Prix does not have a long and venerable history, like the French Grand Prix, it does have the distinction of being held continuously since 1948, mostly at the Silverstone airfield circuit; with occasional digressions to Aintree and Brands Hatch. There were some British Grand Prix races held at Brooklands in the twenties, but they died along with any influence we had...

Page 61 of February 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, February 2002

Les Sept magnifiques

Jean-Claude Andruet Born in Montreuil, 1942. Ebullient and eccentric. Joined in '67. Won '68 Index of Performance at Le Mans. European Rally Champion, '70. Won Monte in '73. Spent 10 years with Italian cars from '74. Bernard Darniche Born in Cenon, 1942. Externally pessimistic, internally motivated. Joined in '70. Won Corsica. French Champion of '72. Won Morocco and Austrian Alpine, '73. Spent...

Page 50 of December 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, December 2003

Floral tribute

After 30 years as a cornerstone of the World Rally Championship, San Remo has lost its place on the calendar. John Davenport looks back on the 'Rally of the Flowers' If Julius Caesar had been writing this article, he might well have started by saying that the San Remo Rally's history was divided into five parts: the Prologue, the Flowers, the Marriage, the Independence and the Asphalt. For 30...

Page 35 of January 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, January 1998

Mexican knave

With looks you had to learn to love, and a chassis you have to learn to exploit, Ferrari’s 340 Mexico was a specialised device. Andrew Frankel relives the 1952 Carrera PanAmerica You cannot imagine what it's like in here. First of all it is appallingly hot. The air is thick with heat and the stench of oil, as it fills my lungs without fulfilling my need for oxygen. I can't open the windows, which...



November 2019
Ultimate Porsche: The Most Ruthless Racer Ever Built



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