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Page 143 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 143, September 2014

From the archives with... Doug Nye

Pantomime horse... Ferrari stumbled ahead of the 2014 British Grand Prix, but theatrical mishaps have long been part of the team’s fabric As Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen failed to survive first qualifying for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, it became apparent that Ferrari had screwed up. It wasn’t alone: Williams got into the same muddle about which tyres to mount during a rain-...

Page 14 of May 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, May 2006

Track back

40/30/20/10 years ago 1996 Buddy Lazier wins a lacklustre Indy 500 in an IRL field lacking in depth. Alex Zampedri is fourth, despite breaking his legs in a last-lap accident. 1986 Pole man Alain Prost leads home McLaren team-mate Keke Rosberg to earn himself a hat-trick of Monaco GP wins. Lotus's Ayrton Senna is third. 1976 Reigning World Champion Niki Lauda dominates the Belgian GP, leading...

Page 90 of August 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, August 2009

Credit where it's overdue

Nino Vaccarella is remembered as a Targa Florio specialist, when in fact he won all the big events in sports car racing’s golden age By Michael Oliver We’d wager that Nino Vaccarella wouldn’t immediately spring to mind if you were asked to draw up a list of great sports car racers. A Targa Florio specialist surely, we hear you say, a one-trick pony. But consider this: Vaccarella is one of only...

Page 16 of February 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, February 2005

Nigel Roebuck's Legends

Ferrari's P4 was both beautiful and effective and Chris Amon said it made its Ford Mk11 rival feel like a truck P4. Two syllables to send shivers down your spine — or mine, anyway. In a debate about the best-looking sports-racing car of all time, my choice would lie between the 1956 Maserati 300S and... of course, Ferrari's 1967 masterpiece. To my eyes, the 330P4 is perfection, and I can still...

Page 58 of March 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, March 2006

Painted to the road

For a brief period, national colours and sponsor logos were supplanted on the racetrack by high-speed art. Gordon Cruickshank turns art critic Car lovers sometimes insist that any beautiful automobile is in itself art. It's a recurring pub discussion, with no outright answer — except in the galleries of BMW Mobile Tradition, the German make's museum. Here is a squadron of cars which must qualify...

Page 22 of August 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, August 1965

Reims 12-hour race – not exciting

Reims, France, July 3rd/4th. COMING rather soon after the Le Mans 24-hour race neither Ford nor Ferrari were interested in taking part in the 12 hour race at Reims; so it turned into a glorified Club meeting for private owners and an opportunity for non-works people to share the winnings. Main contenders were Luigi Chinette with his Le Mans Prototype Ferrari with 4.4-litre engine, with single o.h...

Page 127 of January 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 127, January 2008

Weighing up the evidence

After donkey’s years of squirrelling material away it sometimes comes as a real surprise to unearth something quite forgotten. This happened when I found the Fiches des Characteristiques de la Voiture for the Le Mans 24-Hour races of 1965 and ’66. Ooh, I thought, this might put some cats amongst the pigeons with chassis numbers recorded at the time by the scrutineers. Wrong. While there’s a...

Page 13 of June 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, June 1965


Ferrari Untouchable CLUDA, SICILY, May 9th. THERE are many ways of reporting the Targa Florio, and there are many ways of getting to Sicily. These days, the simple way is to fly direct to Palermo from London, Paris or wherever you may be, or you can drive to Naples on the autostrada and take an overnight boat to Palermo, with your car on the deck or in the hold, depending on its size, or you can...

Page 61 of June 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, June 1972

Rally Review

Morocco Rally The roughest rally ever to grace the International Championship for Makes took place during the last week of April on the rocky desert tracks and wild mountain roads of Morocco. Four factories were represented by proper works entries, three of them French and one Italian. The Italian car, for there was but one, emerged the victor, Simo Lampinen and Sölve Andreasson defeating the...

Page 82 of March 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, March 2003

The grit in the oyster

Chris Irwin The social revolution of the sixties was mirrored in racing by a swathe of free-wheeling, up-and-coming hotshoes. Chris Irwin was listed among them, but, as Adam Cooper reveals, he stood apart from the crowd For the last couple of years I've been working on a biography of Piers Courage, and it's been fascinating to talk to all who knew him well. But there's one man whose name keeps...



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