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Page 17 of August 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, August 1939


HERTS COUNTY A & A.C. Speed Trials were held at Beechwood, were at Beechwood, near Markyate on June 25th. Fastest time of the day went to R. M. Cowell, whose racing 14-litre Alta clocked 18.6 secs., a time just outside the course record. The best club member was J. P. Clowes, who recorded 19.8 secs. with a McEvoy-Special. Bowles's Austin Seven won the 850 c.c. sports class, Willis (blown 747...

Page 67 of January 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 67, January 1980

Historic Preparation

Unlike today's Formula One teams, who have to begin preparation for the next season as soon as the present one is finished, those people involved in historic car racing have a clear period of some months in the winter to prepare for the next season. We paid a visit to some of the places where historic cars are being rebuilt or overhauled in readiness for "old car racing" in 1980, whether it be...

Page 14 of April 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, April 1951


The Hants and lierks NI.C. and Bristol M.C. & L.C.C. Versatility Trial will start front Castle Combe on April 21st (scrutineering at 9 aatt,) and finish in the Marlborough area. It is open to Hants & lIerks, Bristol, S.1 7.N.B.A.C., 750, W. Hants &. Dorset, V.S.C.C., N.W. London M.C., and Sonthsea members, and entries close lira post on April 14th, at et per car, teams 15s. Cars will...

Page 46 of May 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, May 1976

The motor racing of Antony Powys-Lybbe

Recalled in a recent interview with the Editor I had long regarded Antony Powys-Lybbe as the personification of the amateur racing driver who was notable for many successes with those distinguished Monza and monoposto Alfa Romeos. The other day he kindly entertained me at his house in Hertfordshire so that we could recall the days when he was an active participant in the sport. Asked what turned...

Page 10 of June 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, June 1939


THE PERFECT HOLIDAY AT BROOKLANDS WOODING'S NEW TALBOT WINS LOCKE KING TROPHY RACE AT NEARLY 116 M.P.H. DELAHAYE SUPREME IN ROAD CAR RACE GLORIOUS sunshine gave a real holiday air to Brooklands on Whit-Monday, when a big attendance was present to watch a long programme. The Paddock was an even more devastating parade of male and female fashions than ever, while Mrs. Jill Thomas contributed by...

Page 5 of May 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, May 1938


THE J. Cu c. INTERNATIONAL TROPHY RACE PERCY MACLURE (RILEY) WINS AN EXTREMELY CLOSE RACE — E.R.A.s SECOND AND THIRD — UNFORTUNATE ACCIDENT TO JOSEPH PAUL THE sixth International Trophy Race of the J .C.C. was one of the best races of the series, Percy Maclure winning by 0.02 m.p.h. from Raymond Mays with his unsupercharged 1,738 c.c. sixcylinder Riley. This race is always one of the most...

Page 40 of June 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, June 1986

BMW type 328 - Fifty years ago.

In 1934 and 1935 the BMW firm was producing a neat and compact little two-seater sports car in the shape of the 319. It first came to the notice of the British sporting world when it beat the all-conquering Frazer Nash cars in the 1 1/2 litre class of the Alpine Rally in 1934. The head of the Frazer Nash firm was quick to see the possibilities for the BMW sports car and before the year was out he...

Page 30 of January 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, January 1983

Sports car performance — Porsche high speed

In 1937 the Aldington brothers were importing the 2-litre 6-cylinder Type 328 BMW sports car through their firm AFN Ltd. and they marketed it as the Frazer Nash-BMW. From the way the factory can had performed in the 1936 Tourist Trophy race in Northern Ireland the 328 BMW was an impressive car and in order to launch it on the British market AFN Ltd. had the brilliant idea of making an RAC...

Page 49 of May 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, May 1975


Sir, May I add a little more information about the Monoposto Alfa Romeo No. 5006, so beautifully illustrated by Tony Matthews in the March isue of MOTOR SPORT. While researching my book on Alfa Romeo I had correspondence with Anthony PowysLybbe about the car in question and he told me he bought it from Mrs. Jill Thomas in 1949. It had been stored throughout the war by Thomson and Taylor on a farm...

Page 6 of August 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, August 1939


MERCEDES-BENZ HAT TRICK MANY RETIREMENTS IN GERMAN GRAND PRIX. SLIPPERY COURSE AT NURBURG RING At the end of one of the strangest races ever held at the Niirburg Ring, only one Mercedes-Benz, and one Auto-Union was left running in the German Grand Prix, out of the nine cars in the two teams which had started. Caracciola ended his long run of bad luck by a masterly victory for Mercedes. He not...



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