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Page 74 of October 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, October 1993

F J Brymer

F J Brymer has died in hospital in Sussex, following a stroke. After illness had dogged his youth he recovered, to the extent of driving his open cars in the depth of winter in open-neck shirts. He was a railway enthusiast, but his main pursuit was photography of motoring competitions of all kinds, especially the MCC trials, in which he had been a competitor with his Riley Monaco. He later used a...

Page 95 of July 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 95, July 2007

Lunch with... Bill Boddy

It’s not usual for a magazine to interview its own staff – but Motor Sport has always been different. Simon Taylor talks to the man who made it so In August 1924 a car-mad 11-year-old schoolboy went to Marylebone railway station with his mother. He was already a dedicated reader of The Autocar, on which he spent his 4d a week pocket money, and whenever one of his mother’s friends gave him a tip...

Page 13 of February 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, February 1939

club news

etialiewd ......?1101.1111111111.119P SOUTHSEA M.C. The Club reported at its annual general meeting that it is now in a much sounder position than before. The following officers were elected for the cowing season :—Trials Secretary : C. S. De we-y ; Social Secretary : D. P. Kirkman ; lion. Treasurer : N. Lloyd Evans ; Chief Marshal : S. Teversham ; Press Secretary : M. W. Shepard. The President,...

Page 99 of December 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 99, December 1997

Bumper turn-out for RAC London-to-Brighton run

To refer to the RAC Brighton Run as one of our greatest events on the veteran car calendar is entirely unnecessary. It has been such for a great many years, and so it was again on November 2, with a sunny day slightly offset by some mid route fog. Not a race, for the RAC frowns on too much speed, it simply requires the pre-1905 primitives to arrive at the finish control by 1630 hours, having been...

Page 55 of January 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, January 1986

To the North By Bentley Eight

In 1938 Bill Boddy road tested a Bentley by driving it from the Palace of Westminster to John O'Groats. It was one of those ideas which catch the imagination and when we recently reprinted his account of the journey, the response was such that we decided to recreate the trip. The Route The 1938 party of Bill Boddy, Tom Lush and Jim Brymer took what was then the quickest route: the Al to Scotch...

Page 3 of February 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, February 1948

Reflections on 1947

The Editor has asked me to provide some notes on what he is graciously pleased to call "my versatile 1947 season." I fear it would be more accurate to say that I dabbled in a number of things and did none of them particularly well. It is also easy, when asked to write about oneself, to provide what sounds like a personal publicity boost-up instead of providing something which may be of interest...

Page 101 of November 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 101, November 1997

Jim Brymer and his Riley Gamecock remembered

The 1932 Riley Gamecock XJ 2576, owned by the late Jim Brymer, the motoring photographer, is being restored. I am glad of this, because I did so many runs with him in it before the war. It came about after I had driven an HRG in the 1937 Lewes speed-trials. Brymer called to offer pictures, under the impression that I was an HRG owner. From then on I went with him on long and short journeys, to...

Page 71 of May 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 71, May 1995

The Missing Link

The most successful Brooklands cars were the Leylands designed and raced by J G Parry Thomas. Thomas himself scored 26 first places, 20 second places and 10 third places with them at the Weybridge track between May 1922 and October 1926, apart from successes at other venues and many new records, such as the world's one-hour at 121.74 mph, the 1/2-mile at 134.35 mph and the lap-record at 129.36...

Page 36 of January 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, January 1979

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section dedicated to old-car matters Some Lucas History Last year the great Lucas electrical organisation, on which so many vintage and older cars relied for lighting and starting sets, celebrated its one-hundredth anniversary. From this auspicious occasion it is possible to extract some interesting items of history. For instance, the famous company dates back to 1834, when Joseph Lucas was...

Page 11 of August 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, August 1938


TO THE NORTH 1,500 MILES IN THREE DAYS WITH 4+-LITRE BENTLEY. LONDON TO JOHN O'GROAT'S IN I5f HOURS DISTANCE, lends enchantment and we had long held the opinion that a quick journey up to John o'Groat's from London would prove almost as Worth while as taking a curtailed visit abroad. The more the matter was discussed, the more attractive the idea seemed, but unfortunately not more than three free...



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