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Page 54 of September 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, September 1991

Veteran to classic -- Vintage Indy

Indianapolis was Different -- A look at the American "500" in Vintage Times With the classic Indianapolis 500 mile race flirting with the idea of altering its rules to permit F1 3-1/2-litre non-turbo engines to be eligible and with drivers up to the calibre of Ayrton Senna casting a thoughtful glance at this money-rich race, it is amusing to reflect on how British enthusiasts saw this fast,...

Page 9 of January 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, January 1947


by "Baladeur" The Editor of Motor Sport is an indulgent man. That much is obvious from the fact that he is prepared, month after month, to provide this skid-patch whereon his contributor "Baladeur" may perform his evolutions. At the same time he has been known to remind me that not all his readers live in that world of the past which I appear continually to inhabit. And, completely undeterred, I...

Page 62 of April 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, April 2004

The man who would be Rex

He beat a works Auto Union and was offered a factory drive by Alfa. But Rex Mays preferred the intense buzz of American speedway.Joe Scalzo describes the short life of An Indy addict Tazio Nuvolari couldn't believe his eyes. Because he was Figlio del Diavolo — 'The Devil's Son'— Nuvolari knew a thing or two about getting moody with a grand prix car and sending one into impossible four-wheel...

Page 5 of November 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, November 1942

Racing car evolution part III: 1922-1925

We have great pleasure in presenting herewith a continuation of the "Evolution of the Racing Car" series, this time contributed by Laurence Pomeroy, Technical Editor of "The Motor" and author of the "Milestones of Speed" articles now appearing in that journal. The first instalment, covering the period 1919 to 1921, appeared in our October issue. The text and illustrations are published by kind...

Page 60 of October 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, October 1981

The Brooklands Miller

The heading applies, not to the single-seater Miller that appeared at this year's Brooklands Re-union, which seems to be a post-war replica or rebuild judging by its dating, but to the Miller which Count Louis Zborowski imported in 1923, to which interesting reference is made by Griffith Borgeson in his new Bugatti book (see "Book Reviews"), he being one of the best "automotive-detectives" to sit...

Page 74 of September 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, September 2001

Arresting development

Early motorists coping with rear-only brakes feared "the dreaded sideslip". Bill Boddy follows the development of four-wheel braking Brakes on modem-day cars,whether drum, disc/drum or all-disc, some with the reassuring presence of ABS, tend to be given little thought, but their development was a long and often complicated engineering study. Early cars were not badly anchored, transmission or...

Page 34 of February 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, February 1973

A lifetime with the Offenhauser

"MY GOING to work for Harry Miller was an act of God!" With these words, Leo Goossen described the beginning of a remarkable career as America's foremost designer of racing engines. Goossen had left a promising position as protégé to Walter L. Mart, Chief Designer of Buick Motor Company, to go west to New Mexico. A tuberculosis spot had been found and the only answer was a change of climate....

Page 45 of June 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, June 1974

Robert Waddy - An Obituary

Those who knew Brooldands and went to sprint meetings before the war will be sad to hear that Robert A. Waddy passed away at Eastbourne on April 7th, aged 78; it is likely, though, that the mere mention of Waddy's name will raise a smile and lead to a string of good stories, for, even before Fuzzi, that incredible four-wheel-drive giant-killer of his, saw the light about 1936, Waddy had made his...

Page 58 of May 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, May 2006

Theory of relativity

It's an old game for racing enthusiasts to try comparing, say, Alonso with Fangio. But there is a way of assessing their cars. Mark Hughes explains How would a 1906 Renault or a 1939 Mercedes fare against last year's McLaren MP4-21? How would they relate to each other? Would a current car have as big a lap time advantage over the Merc as that car had over the Renault? This and similar questions...

Page 37 of June 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, June 2001

Green shoots of glory

Only misfortune prevented a privateer Bentley from winning the inaugural Le Mans 24 hours - and the lessons learned yielded success, as Andrew Frankel relates May 21, 1923: a lone 3-litre Bentley leaves London bound for the Continent At the wheel is Bentley dealer John Duff; by his side is Frank Clement, the only professional racing driver the factory ever employed. In the back sits Arthur...



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