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Page 74 of May 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, May 2014

Senna vs Schumacher, a rivalry unfulfilled

It was a tantalising yet troubling prospect for Ayrton Senna. How would the proven maestro handle the fast emerging Michael Schumacher? Writer: Paul Fearnley Senna heads Schumacher at the former's final race Photo: Motorsport Images Brother Ralf looked embarrassed and turned away. He didn’t understand. How could he? Mika Häkkinen had raced Ayrton Senna; had hoped for the best while fearing the...

Page 110 of February 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 110, February 2014

The past master

Renowned for his expertise as both racing car restorer and driver, former F1 mechanic Simon Hadfield lives at the heart of Europe’s historic motor racing boomWriter Gordon Cruickshank, Photographer Howard Simmons If I hadn’t seen the roof of an articulated transporter over the hedge I’d swear I was in the wrong place. I’m looking for Simon Hadfield Racing, preparers of race cars for meetings all...

Page 6 of August 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, August 1990

Mexican Magic

Motor racing broke out in Mexico at the Grand Prix weekend, and now I begin to realise just why those who witnessed it first hand were so ecstatic about that heady wheel-banging battle between Gilles Villeneuve and René Arnoux at Dijon back in 1979. The display that Nigel Mansell and Gerhard Berger put on might not have observed the full code of driving ethics, as they touched on more than one...

Page 57 of July 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, July 2011

"Ayrton Senna was the most complex character I ever encountered in the sport."

Our editor-in-chief recalls Ayrton Senna as a talent feted for F1 greatness - but also as a driver with a dark side By Nigel Roebuck For a few days after seeing Senna, I couldn't get the man out of my mind, and perhaps not surprisingly so. I had, after all, been present at all but a handful of his 161 Grands Prix, and inevitably the movie brought that time alive again, releasing a deluge of...

Page 37 of December 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, December 2012


MEXICO EXPECTS Rob Widdows PEREZ IS THE TALK OF THE TOWN. PERHAPS NOT in Stevenage, from where a certain Mercedes-bound Formula 1 driver hails, but cedainly in Guadalajara, Mexico. This young man's move to McLaren is major news back home. Precious few Mexicans have excelled at the highest level, the most celebrated 5tH I being the Rodriguez brothers way back in the last century. But all that...

Page 22 of January 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, January 2001

Good bye to a Goodyear

Arriving at Adelaide in 1986, Mansell Piquet and Prost each had a chance of taking the world championship. By the time they left, the best driver had beaten two aces with superior cars. Adam Cooper recalls the drama of this classic confrontation A few weeks ago, the Observer published a list of the 10 worst sporting mishaps of all time. The collapse of the Queen Mother's Devon Loch in the 1956...

Page 16 of January 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, January 2000

Legend Jo Ramirez

In the contemporary F1 Paddock, folk without enemies are hard to find. It's a hard-nosed environment which can have a desensitising effect over the years. While not an absolute rule of thumb, those who thrive tend to be... self-centred, let's say. There remain, though, some who are there because they love motor racing. Most will never get rich, but they are in for the long haul because they...

Page 85 of April 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 85, April 2012

Lunch with... Mark Blundell

His first home was a caravan, and the school of hard knocks was his only education. It would stand him in good stead on his climb to Formula 1 and beyond Nowadays karting is the kindergarten, where aspiring hotshoes learn to feel through the seat of their pants. But it wasn’t ever thus. Stirling Moss began, at six years old, to absorb those lessons on horseback. Archie Scott Brown demonstrated...

Page 57 of January 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, January 1990

Alain Prost

Alain Prost An interview with the new World Champion pIERGUIDO CasteIli wasn't remotely interested in the scene outside the technical centre. The excited babble of 200 anxious pressmen and photographers at the gates of Fiorano left him cold. Alain Prost was about to have his first run in a Ferrari, but CasteIli had no intention of watching the run itself. Instead, he was off to watch the...

Page 56 of October 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, October 2007

Lunch with... Jo Ramirez

The personable Mexican looks back over 40 years of Formula 1 glories and struggles, friendships and tragedies By Simon Taylor The problem is, lunch isn’t long enough. Over 40 seasons, this man has been friend and confidant to a succession of F1 heroes, helped them celebrate their victories and, too often, mourned their loss. He was inside Ferrari when it was Enzo’s fiefdom, with Tyrrell when Ken’...



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