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Page 93 of April 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 93, April 2007

Grand Prix saboteurs

Bravery in a racing car does not necessarily translate into the bravery of the battlefield. In the case of Robert Benoist, William Grover (‘Williams’) and Jean-Pierre Wimille, it did. When Hitler invaded France these three grand prix drivers, two Frenchmen and one French-domiciled Englishman, took up the fight in that most dangerous arena, the Resistance. Only Wimille survived the war: Benoist...

Page 96 of December 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 96, December 2009

It beats the beach

Better known as a holiday destination, Portugal’s Algarve region is now home to a circuit that has caught F1’s attention. By Joe Saward For years it has seemed that motor sport in Europe is fading. France has lost its Grand Prix, while plans to build a new circuit are tied up in bureaucratic wrangling. The Belgian GP is struggling to attract spectators. The Germans say that they cannot afford a...

Page 9 of May 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, May 2009

No medals for rule meddling

Doug Nye is remarkably prescient in this month’s Motor Sport. When he filed his story about Formule Libre and mused how ‘run what you brung’ could find itself back in fashion in these straitened times, we had no idea that within a matter of days the FIA would announce an unfettered (at-a-price) Formula 1 rules package for 2010. Spooky. It was almost as if they knew… It’s not quite Formule Libre,...

Page 67 of November 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 67, November 1989

Book reviews

Conquest of Formula 1 by Christopher Hilton. 154pp. 10" x 71/2".  Patrick Stephens Ltd., Denington Estate, Wellingborough, Northants, NN8 2RQ. £16.95 This book, according to its subtitle, is the inside story of the men who took Honda to victory, told by the Daily Express sports feature writer who is Mansell's biographer. The coverage runs from the appointment of Ronnie Bucknum as test driver of...

Page 82 of May 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, May 2007

A race to the sky - in the name of publicity

How do you promote your new garage dedicated to the wealthiest people in Paris? Simple: rope in the era's leading drivers to tackle a hillclimb in the world's first multi-storey car park Words: Joe Saward. in the good old days of motor racing they used to have grands prix for all kinds of things. The opening of the Montlhery race track in 1924 was celebrated by a Grand Prix de l'Ouverture, and...

Page 36 of May 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, May 2007

A dangerous game

As if being a pre-war grand prix driver wasn’t hazardous enough, many became embroiled in clandestine wartime activities. Heroes all, both on and off the track In recent days I have read two exceptional books, which on the face of it could hardly be more disparate, yet in some respects have much in common. One, Driving With The Devil, is to do with NASCAR, while the other, The Grand Prix...

Page 62 of July 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, July 2005

Thunder without the storm

Their mechanics could certainly sink a few and they had new-age theories on their side, but Australia's Holden teams failed in Europe in 1986. Joe Saward tells their story Is there any surer way of uniting Australian sports fans than when there's the prospect of beating the Europeans on their home ground? Yes it was a shock when, in early 1986, Peter Brock and Allan Moffat were announced as team-...

Page 49 of January 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, January 2000


The track was five miles long, had fifty corners and separated real drivers from also-rans like no other. Andrew Frankel revisits and unfairly forgotten circuit "It was the best track in France; better by far than everywhere else we went like Rouen, Reims and Paul Ricard." The words belong to Jackie Stewart, a man not known for overstating the facts. He is talking about the circuit at Clermont-...

Page 51 of February 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, February 2009

A hard rain's a-gonna fall

Formula 1 is facing the biggest financial storm in its history. The sport must adjust, or face being washed away By Joe Saward There is no doubt that history will recall recent events in the financial world as ‘The Crash of 2008’. We still do not know just how bad the effects of this will ultimately be, nor what implications it will have for the world. And this is the worry for motor sport, which...

Page 66 of March 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, March 2008

The World Motor Sport Council. What is it?

It’s a powerful body that makes decisions which shape the future of racing. But who are the faces behind the World Motor Sport Council, and are they the right ones? By Joe Saward Otto Von Bismarck, the man who engineered the unification of Germany, remarked one day that politics is “the art of the possible”. One can achieve anything if one has the power to do it. The use (and abuse) of power has...



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