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Page 87 of July 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 87, July 1988

Fifty Not Out

Bugatti Owner's Club's Prescott Fiftieth Anniversary Celebrations on May 21-22 (supported by Christie's) were a thorough success. The weather behaved, the queues to the hill were the longest ever, and a great many of those who have known Prescott from its opening in 1938 either drove up the full course in appropriate cars or were driven up — as I was in Dudley Gahagan's T37. There was a large...

Page 8 of May 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, May 1938


THE SEVENTH R.A.C. RALLY AN SS OUTING—MORGAN, WOLSELEY, ASTON-MARTIN, TRIUMPH, SS AND FORD V8 SHARE THE HONOURS--SENSIBLE FINAL TESTS—INTEREST AS PRONOUNCED AS EVERRILEY TAKES THE TEAM PRIZE WELL, the seventh R.A.C. has come and gone. It was a signal success. Even though there Was a compulsory night stop this year, and the weather broke just before the start, so that a cold and cheerless wind...

Page 5 of October 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, October 1938


VERY SUCCESSFUL DUNLOP CELEBRATION BROOKLANDS MEETING FAST OUTER-CIRCUIT RACE. AUSTIN AND E R.A. WIN CAMPBELL TROPHY SCRATCH RACES. "BIRA" INVOLVED IN THREE-FOLD CRASH IT was a very happy thought of the Dunlop Rubber Company Ltd. to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary by organising a great Jubilee Meeting at Brooklands. Entry fees of 3,1and 5/respectively pulled in 297 entries, which were...

Page 9 of September 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, September 1936


Belonging to a Past Decade Seaman's old Delage has certainly caught the racing-public's imagination and it again more than gave the E.R.A. drivers a run for their money at Donington, on the occasion of the 200-Mile Race. For that event Seaman made use of his second engine, which is a few c.c. larger than the unit he was running earlier this year. The Delage, by the way, is the car which Senechal...

Page 100 of April 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, April 1998

The fastest road car challenge

In these 1990s there are some very fast road cars available to those who can afford them. Back in the pre-war era the question of who had the fastest road car arose, as I mentioned last month. Before it was more or less resolved at Brooklands, we used to think of Forrest Lycett's great 8-litre Bentley as ripe for the honour. The others included Hugh Hunter's 2.9 s/c Alfa Romeo, winner of the 1938...

Page 22 of March 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, March 1948

The Sixteenth "Rembrandt"

Formerly A.F. Rivers Fletcher organised his "Rembrandt" meetings on behalf of motoring enthusiasts stricken by the war : on February 14th he organised another of these gatherings, for motoring enthusiasts staggered by the Peace. It took the form of a buffet-lunch and a most enjoyable Brains Trust with Rodney Walkerley as Question-Master and "brains" composed of Peter Monkhouse, Cecil Clutton,...

Page 11 of August 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, August 1937


The Campbell Circuit Lap Record AT the time of the Campbell Trophy Race, the opening event over the new Brooklands Campbell road-course, there was confusion as to who held the lap record. Actually, the best time, a lap at 72.74 m.p.h. by Peter Walker (l i-litre V,.R.A.), was established in practice and not equalled during the race. At the short handicap meeting last month Arthur Dobson (1.i-litre...

Page 65 of July 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, July 1987

Memory of an Alfa Romeo

It was in 1939 that a contest was arranged at Brooklands to decide which was the then-fastest road-equipped sports-car. It arose from a suggestion made by John Dugdale, and before it took place he went out in one of the contenders, the 2.9-litre Alfa Romeo owned at the time by Hugh Hunter. It was the red short-chassis straight-eight supercharged Alfa with which Biondetti had won the 1938 Mille...

Page 41 of January 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, January 1979

Books for the New Year

"The Art of Gordon Crosby" by Peter Garnier. 95 pp. 13" x 9¼". (The Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd., Astronaut House, Feltham, Middlesex. £7.95). I may not be the best person to review this book of Gordon Crosby paintings and sketches, for the reason that as a motoring historian I prefer photographs to the work of artists, these being, in general, unable to lie, thus avoiding confusion over the past...

Page 49 of March 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, March 1989

Alfa Romeo 2900B

Vincitore di Mille Miglia As one of a handful of premier racing marques before the war, it behove Alfa Romeo's British distributor, Thomson & Taylor, to have a racing car to entice the public to its stand at the 1938 Motor Show. The car which the company sent from Italy could hardly have been more topical or more eye-catching — it was the 8C 2900 which had won the Mille Miglia that year in...



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