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Page 30 of May 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, May 1969

Continental Notes

After a lot of discussion and some "passing the buck" the Belgian Grand Prix has been cancelled. The reasons are numerous and varied and involve the organisers, the Belgian Government, the major factory teams, and the works drivers. It is unlikely that any one individual or group will accept responsibility, or even admit to starting the anti-Spa circuit antagonism, but does it matter?...

Page 106 of August 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 106, August 2013

Brown-eyed handsome man

He was blessed with looks, charisma and speed and rivals thought the world of him. He won but a single World Championship Grand Prix, but there was more to Lorenzo Bandini than such simple statistics imply Writer: Nigel Roebuck Lorenzo Bandini... Such a mellifluous name for a racing driver, it always seemed to me, like Clay Regazzoni or Johnny Servoz-Gavin. And they all looked the part, too....

Page 90 of March 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, March 2011

From the Wall of Death to Le Mans...

He may downplay his achievements, but daredevil rider turned car designer Chris Lawrence can be rightly proud of taking Morgan to success at La Sarthe He seems impervious to praise. Stretching selfdeprecation beyond its elastic limits, his eyebrows lift and fall uncomprehendingly at our interest in his exploits. Chris Lawrence dismisses himself as a "travelling chicane" when talk turns to his...

Page 14 of April 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, April 2000

Garner and Grand Prix

Sir, I greatly enjoyed Andrew Frankel's 'Silver Screen Racer' in January's issue, but having co-written with John Frankenheimer the sequel to Grand Prix in 1988 (the story of a man and woman teaming up at Le Mans titled Endurance, but never produced after Cannon films went broke and the dreadful Days of Thunder killed motorsports pictures in Hollywood for years thereafter) I think I can add a...

Page 136 of February 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 136, February 2012

Tinseltown's motor racing rush

The success of the Senna movie seems to have sparked something of a feeding frenzy among Hollywood industry moguls. Suddenly motor racing appears to have become one of moviedom’s favoured themes with a number of projects either under active development or about to enter production. Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard of Cocoon, Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind fame is poised to start shooting...

Page 78 of September 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, September 2013

"The movie stirred some emotions I didn't feel at the time...''

The 1976 F1 season remains vivid to all who lived through it, but Niki Lauda believes a Hollywood touch was necessary to make Rush relevant today Writer Simon Arron Almost 30 years after he won the last of his three Formula 1 titles, Niki Lauda remains a popular paddock target. In a world distorted by corporate flannel, his forthright opinions are a prized capture. Even in his latest role as non-...

Page 7 of September 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, September 2002

John Frankenheimer

The director of the film Grand Prix died on July 6, aged 72, after a stroke brought on by complications during spinal surgery. Starring James Gamer, the film rewrote the rules of motor-racing movies. Its script is creaky, but the acting is tolerable, even from the Formula One drivers making cameo appearances, and the on-track action is fabulous. Also on Frankenheimer's CV was The Bird Man of...

Page 74 of August 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, August 2010

Did he lose the plot?

Movie star and motor sport fan Steve McQueen went to every effort on set of his homage to Le Mans. But the results fell short for some who witnessed his efforts Le Mans was the movie Steve McQueen most wanted to make. The ultimate bloke's bloke was mates with Jackie Stewart and John Whitmore before they were Sirs, he raced his own Formula Junior Cooper and Mini Coopers, came second in his own 3-...

Page 142 of July 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 142, July 2012

The challenges of filming

Mounting TV and movie cameras on Grand Prix cars has for decades challenged film engineers and racing teams alike. One of the most celebrated examples has been Bill Mason's 1962 set-up on a 1937 Mercedes-Benz W125, complete with tail-top seat for an intrepid Shell Film Unit cameraman, strapped into place one suspects despite his protests. The result a splendidly high-resolution fullcolour view...

Page 13 of August 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, August 1966

Matters of moment

TIMES CHANGE! The heading does not refer to the disappearance of advertisements from the front page of The Times, although that is certainly a break with tradition, like the serious articles alongside the humorous in Punch and the fact that Donington Park, which we associate with G.P. Mercedes-Benz and Auto-Union, is now devoted to the filming of "Alice in Wonderland." . . . The point it is time...



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