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Page 15 of October 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, October 1966

A critical look at the Lotus Elan

Colin Chapman's Lotus project has been a significant success story, from humble but enthusiastic beginnings up to World Championship Grand Prix winning and Indianapolis-victorious level. This is attributable to Chapman's genius and drive, allied to the fact that he was a genuine motoring enthusiast before he became a business tycoon—and still is. So far as the sort of Lotus cars you can buy and...

Page 74 of September 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, September 2008

Lunch with... Lola

Lola’s founder and its saviour recall 50 years of entrepreneurial effort which has taken in almost every category of motor racing By Simon Taylor There are easier ways to make money than by building racing cars for sale. In fact, the major makers since the 1950s – the likes of Cooper, Lotus, Elva, Brabham, March, Reynard – have all, for one reason or another, hit the buffers and disappeared. The...

Page 81 of June 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 81, June 2012

Lunch with .... Tony Southgate

He’s one of the most successful designers of all, with Grand Prix, Indy 500 and multiple Le Mans winners to his credit. And when he retired, he went racing… It’s progressively harder these days for racing car designers to demonstrate true versatility. Formula 1 has greedily made itself the centre of everything, yet the very strictures of its regulations seem to stifle original thinking. As the...

Page 102 of August 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 102, August 2007

Lotus Elite

Engineered by a genius, styled by a bean-counter and powered by a fire pump, this adventurous GT represented a giant leap – sideways by Richard Heseltine. Photography: Howard Simmons Never a man to settle for dull routine, every car that Colin Chapman conceived, whittled and brought to bear had a point and a purpose to it. Considered contentment was never his thing – but the Elite? As envelope-...

Page 42 of January 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, January 1973

On the Clan Crusader and Mazda 818 Coupe

Road Impressions Clan Crusader Forming a new company to build Imp-based sports cars in the present climate ot increased motor vehicle legislation and the coming of Value Added Tax would seem to be a foolhardy venture. But Clan Motor Company's Managing Director Paul Haussaner had rather better credentials for doing so than the majority of under-capitalised optimists who try to break into motor...

Page 46 of March 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, March 2003

Fifteen minutes of fame: Tale of a Manx kit

Clan:Manx International Rally September 8-10,1972 Roger Clark winning a seventies British rally in an Escort was the norm. But behind him this time was a kit car that almost broke the mould. John Davenport explains During the early 1970s the French seemed to have a monopoly on the creation and use of plastic rally cars: there was the Ligier JS2, the Jide, the Bonnet, the Matra 530, and the Simca-...

Page 12 of February 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, February 1958

Interim report on the Lotus Elite

The Lotus Elite coupé was the sensation of the last Earls Court Motor Show and gave a merciful boost to British prestige at an Exhibition in which the majority of our cars rose very little above the mediocre. With independent suspension all round, a glass-reinforced plastic chassis/body shell with a minimum of metal bonded in, disc brakes, inboard at the rear, and an o.h.c. engine giving 75 b.h....

Page 69 of October 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, October 1967


SPECIALISED MOULDINGS THE FIRM of Specialised Mouldings do exactly what they say : manufacture special glass-fibre bodies for racing cars. They are a Small firm, efficient and highly regarded, and as much a part of racing as the names of Dunlop, Lucas and Coventry Climax. Yet the handful of people employed in this sphere are delving into a subject about. which little is known, streamlining of...


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