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Page 27 of December 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, December 1955

Healey D.C.

On November 6th, this club staged its first competitive event, a closed rally called the Scorpion Rally. The reason for the name is twofold: first it is the appropriate sign of the Zodiac and, secondly, the rally route had a very decided sting in the tail for the competitors! The total mileage was just under 150. There were two start points. From the one at Kenilworth, where our Patron started...

Page 71 of May 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 71, May 2009

Lunch with John Coombs

That he ran so many top-line drivers is proof of how successful a car entrant John Coombs was. Today, in his eighties, his enthusiasm for enjoying classic machinery still burns bright By Simon Taylor Motor racing’s history is peppered with significant private entrants – highly professional operators who were content to provide cars for others to race, in return for the joy of being involved. In...

Page 58 of August 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, August 1968

Cars in Books

Taking out of the library "The Right Age", by Mary Koutouzow Tolstoy (Macmillan, 1961), to get a break from reading and writing about cars, I had not got beyond page 28 before I encountered not only cars but motor racing, for, after a passing reference to the tragic motoring accidents which engulfed Isadora Duncan (but no mention of the Bugatti which strangled her), the authoress says of Edward...

Page 59 of July 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, July 1961


LETTERS FROM READERS N.B.—Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and" Motor Sport" does not necessarily associate itself with the m.—Ed. PAPERWORK Sir, R. N. T. Burke's letter prompts mc to relate my experiences with Smiths Motor Accessories Ltd. In Bahrein I have a Borgward Isabella TS to which, last December, I fitted a Smiths subsidiary panel. Deciding that I wanted the oil warning...

Page 14 of September 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, September 1966

Vintage week-end

(August 13/14th) AUGUST 13/14th was a vintage week-end for me. On the Saturday I drove to Silverstone in the comfort and luxury of a 3-litre Rover Mk. III coupe (of which, more in the next issue) to see the Austin Healey/M.G./Mini Seven Clubs' B.M.C. Sports Car Parade, and some very exciting racing. Accepting a lift across the track with John Eason-Gibson (who also favours the 3-litre Rover), I...

Page 53 of October 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, October 1962

Goodwood Members' Meeting

The mixture as before was the order of the day at Goodwood with the leading contenders in the Motor Sport Brooklands Memorial Trophy looking for more points in this penultimate meeting counting for the award. At the start of the day Tony Hegbeurne and Bob Burnard were level with 17 points, followed by David Eva with 16 and D. J. Cole with 15. Bob Burnard, the winner of the Veedol Trophy (which...

Page 51 of December 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, December 1990

Vintage to Classic Miscellany

Brooklands The Brooklands Museum Trust has been getting very good press coverage recently and the Museum itself has already opened its doors to public visits in a small way, preparatory to opening officially in April 1991. The venture centres round the 30 acre site, about all that is left of the 360 acre motor racing track and aerodrome of former times. The Brooklands Society, which originated...

Page 28 of August 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, August 1954

M.C.C..Silverstone Meeting

(July 3rd) One has come to expect M.C.C.'s events to be efficiently run and their fifth Silverstone race meeting was no exception. It commenced with the customary one-hour high-speed trials for cars and motor-cycles, four in all. Before the war the M.C.C. used to hold these classic events on the outer circuit at Brooklands and the J.C.C. ran a similar one-hour high-speed trial, but over a course...

Page 64 of December 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, December 1990

RAC Rally Preview - Rallyman's Radar

This year for the very first time, advance reconnaissance of the RAC Rally's forest stages will be allowed, and the use of pace notes during the event itself. GP explains the origin of pace notes and how they differ from other notes. Rallyman's Radar Listen to some people and you might be persuaded that Pace Notes is the name given to some mystic chant employed by elite navigators to squeeze an...

Page 148 of March 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 148, March 2008

The Tiger that kept roaring

The Rootes Group achieved only minimal success with its Tigers, but one rally car turned circuit racer bucked the trend for a time Ever since I first drove a Sunbeam Tiger I’ve had something of a soft spot for the Rootes Group’s Cobra equivalent. Of course the Alpine-derived Tiger never matched the achievements of Carroll Shelby’s brainchild on either road or track, but they were handsome and...



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