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Page 46 of October 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, October 1975

Cars in Books

I have ceased to be surprised at the unusual places in which one finds references to cars. A book my wife had been reading, "Laura Knight" by Janet Dunbar (Collins, 1975) contained a mention of an early motor car, she informed me. So I looked, and soon came upon the inevitable references to motoring. The great artist had married Harold Knight and in 1912/13 they were living at Oakhill in Cornwall...

Page 44 of February 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, February 1976

Austin Twenties

Sir, I was most interested to read the comments of John Oldham on the Austin Twenty and other vintage models; which brought back many nostalgic memories of my time at Longbridge. I am sure the Ranelagh landaulette illustrated in the September issue has the 4-cylinder 95.25 mm. x 127 mm. engine originally fitted to the 1919 tourer and doctor's coup::. Both cars had concealed hoods and enclosed...

Page 23 of September 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, September 1950

Vintage Veerings

On a wet Saturday in July the Bentley Drivers' Club held its Silverstone Meeting and, although now rather ancient history, it is interesting to reflect on the results, for not only is this club the biggest one-make vintage-minded organisation, but it generously opened its programme to certain vintage cars other than Bentleys. In the kilometre s.s. sprints Lycett's famous 8-litre Bentley showed...

Page 48 of March 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, March 1976

Vintage postbag

The Only Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Sir, I have seen the recent correspondence in Motor Sport about early R-R cars bearing an AX Index Number and also the query as to which was the first "Silver Ghost". Taking the AX number first, this is a Monmouthshire registration and it has always been assumed that it was used owing to the fact that the Hon. C. S. Rolls lived at "The Hendre", which is just...

Page 63 of February 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 63, February 1979

They Believed In Ghosts

Some years ago I enjoyed myself in these columns comparing the top-cars that were available to wealthy purchasers after the Kaiser war ended in 1918. It was apparent that on paper the short-lived Leyland of Parry Thomas, the first British production car to have a straight-eight engine, was the most desirable car, that the new "aeroplane-type" cars with their overhead-camshaft engines, offered by...

Page 37 of November 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, November 1961


VETERANEDWARDIANVINTAGE A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters V.S.C.C. WELSH RALLY AND TRIAL (October 7/8th) TRIAL: Premier Award : H. Moffatt (Itugatti) First Class Awards : Spence (Lea-Francis), Brown .(Alvis), Miss Stocker; CFro)an), L. Winder (Humber), May (Fraser Nash). Second Class Awards: Rowley (Vitushall): Fletcher O'ilv(S), Sullivan (Alvis). Third Class Awards : HawkinS, (Riley), Kain (...

Page 38 of April 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, April 1976

Austin Twenties

Sir, I was very interested to read the various letters that appeared in the February issue of Motor Sport in reply to your article on the Austin Twenty, which you compiled from a letter I wrote you. Regarding the one from F. T. Henry, which is by far the most interesting, it is obvious to me that he is writing from memory as there are so many mistakes in it, though there is a good deal of most...

Page 28 of January 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, January 1969

New Bodies for Old Cars

When tyres of obsolete sizes are required for old cars it is customary to obtain them from the Dunlop Rubber Company Ltd. When an old car is discovered either without a body or with the bodywork in poor condition, it is expedient to have suitable coachwork made by I. Wilkinson and Son Ltd., of Derby. This concern came into being at the turn of the century, as blacksmiths, repairers and...

Page 66 of April 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, April 1978

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters The 1914 Grand Prix Opels We have received the following letter from Mr. N. Mavrogordato bearing on the recent article and subsequent correspondence on these cars. Sir, Since many people have shown much interest in the 1914 Grand Prix Opel story, I venture once again to write to you about them. I enclose a most interesting letter, which I have received front T...

Page 35 of October 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, October 1973

Engines at Bishop's Castle

Regular readers will know that occasionally I like to visit an air-display and a traction-engine rally, to keep a sense of proportion. For anyone with these sentiments living near the Midlands, the August Bank Holiday rally of the County of Salop Steam Engine Society at Bishop's Castle is an excellent means of fulfilling one of these aims. Nowadays such a rally has not only the tractions but such...



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