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Page 38 of February 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, February 1987

Swan Song

The Connaught Story Part 4 It is ironic that the Connaught Type B was the company's most successful car, for it was conceived as a stop-gap, against the time when a suitable engine would allow an advanced, rear-engined, monocoque design to be completed. It is ironic, too, that the team's most stirring performances should have come in the final twelve months or so of its existence when its...

Page 152 of December 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 152, December 2013

Compliments of the racing season

For half a century motoring artist Michael Turner has welcomed Christmas with a special set of paintings you can send to your friends For the past 50 years, motor racing fans have enjoyed a particular Christmas tradition of their own – the publication each year by Michael Turner of his greetings card sets. It goes without saying that these do not feature snowmen, robins, Father Christmas or holly...

Page 52 of October 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, October 1972

The Rothmans 50,000

Brands Hatch, August 28th Early in 1971 John Webb and his band of merry helpers at the Brands Hatch racing circuit announced that they would hold a special race on August Bank Holiday 1972. It was to have two outstanding features, (1) it would be open to any type of racing vehicle, and (2) first prize would be £20,000. There were numerous other interesting details, such as the length being 118...

Page 46 of May 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, May 1987

The story of ... Rejo

Rejo times One of the less well known cars appearing in HSCC racing is Roger Ealand's Rejo Mk4. It is one of a dozen cars designed and built by Rod Easterling in the early sixties, cars so well constructed that Colin Chapman offered Easterling a job as a designer. Rejos were designed for club racing and within that restricted ambition were successful, their most outstanding characteristic being...

Page 10 of February 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, February 1993

A racer in his own right

Motor racing glory runs in the Hill family, but Damon is determined not to bask in his father's shadow Not since Jackie Stewart stepped into a BRM back in 1965 has a British driver graduated to F1 with such good equipment, so early in his career. And nobody is more aware of the magnitude of the opportunity presented to him than Damon Hill. For weeks the prospect of getting the second Williams-...

Page 48 of March 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, March 1980

A taste of Formula Talbot

As a preview to the new Formula Talbot, mentioned in last December's issue, MCD invited Motor Sport to Brands Hatch to try the prototype of these methanol-fuelled, Talbot Sunbeam Ti-engined, single-seaters, for which the BRSCC has promoted a 12-race series in 1980. Thus it was that I found myself adopting the guise of Mark Thatcher in his Royale for some extremely enjoyable laps of the Club...

Page 16 of August 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, August 1987

Indianapolis 500

A rookie at the Brickyard After twenty-five years in motor racing, I suddenly found myself a "rookie" — American for a first-timer. I had, in fact, been to the famous track they call the Brickyard once before, but not in the hallowed month of May. Everything felt so different that I really did feel like a newcomer. The Indianapolis 500 is, after all, the world's richest motor race, with a total...

Page 54 of March 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, March 1999

The worst car I ever drove - Lapped dog

Julian Bailey - 1988 Tyrrell 017 The Tyrrell 017 was not just slow, it was also awful to drive. It was intended to start Bailey's F1 career; instead it almost finished it. It was the beginning of 1988 and I'd done a total of about six F3000 races and a handful of F3 races before that. I hadn't done a full season since Formula Ford 2000 but all of a sudden here was a chance to get into Formula...

Page 79 of May 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 79, May 1978

Racing Formulae - Sports 2000

Is this the future of sports-car racing? Just over a year ago, in April 1977 to be precise, the first round of a new British formula was staged at Brands Hatch. Called Sports 2000 and sponsored by SodaStream the soft drinks concern, it made a better spectacle than many had predicted. A lot of people involved in motor racing had dismissed the arrival of the new sports car formula as fated front...

Page 30 of January 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, January 1971

Around and about

Comment on the racing and club scene Motor racing in Britain goes on virtually around the calendar but, at least, in December and January the majority of racing cars are either in the process of being sold, bought, built or at least refurbished. This gives everyone a little more time for socialising while the motor racing journalist has a busy time taking in all the various functions and...



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