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Page 68 of December 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, December 2014

Feast of endurance

Synonymous with Gulf, GT40s, 917s and Le Mans wins, JW Automotive is a racing legend. We spoke to director John Horsman about life under ‘Death Ray’ John Wyer and the racing heritage underpinning the team’s successes Writer: Simon Arron There had been no job advertised, but he applied for one anyway. At the time John Horsman was an engineering student at Cambridge and often spent his weekends...

Page 44 of November 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, November 2014

Len Terry – obituary

Talented racing car designer Len Terry has died after a short illness, at the age of 90. Though involved with some 29 different organisations in his career, two marques in particular stand out – Eagle and Lotus. Terry masterminded Dan Gurney’s beautiful Eagle-Weslake Grand Prix car and many Lotuses, most notably the 1965 Indianapolis 500-winning Type 38. Never one to be awed by powerful men,...

Page 60 of July 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, July 1984

Safir GT40 -- an evolution

There is a whole range of adjectives to describe cars that aren't quite what they seem: fakes, replicas, re-creations and inspirations are just a few of the descriptions. But like the Autokraft AC MkIV that we drove and described a couple of months ago, the Safir GT40 answers none of these appellations. It is, if you like, a genuine evolution of the Ford GT40, developed for limited production and...

Page 9 of March 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, March 2004

You were there

Another chapter in the series for amateur motor racing photographs contributed by our readers. This month's selection takes us to Le Mans, Silverstone, Sebring and Spa-Francorchamps. The Andrettis were unceremoniously slung out of the 1982 Le Mans just hours before the start -- because the oil cooler on Harley Cluxton's Mirage M12 GpC car was deemed to be in the wrong place. Mario and Michael...

Page 46 of August 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, August 2006

Lunch with... Sir Stirling Moss

Simon Taylor finds out that life for the man they used to call Mr Motor Racing is more hectic than ever. For him it’s a logical continuation of the racing career that ended 44 long years ago Sir Stirling Moss doesn’t eat lunch. At 76 years of age, he’s far too busy. By 7am each day he’s at his desk in his self-designed, high-tech house in Shepherd Street, Mayfair. Lady Moss, his wife Susie, is at...

Page 98 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, September 2014

Where the grassroots are greener

The 750 Motor Club, founded by our own Bill Boddy, celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. It continues to thrive thanks to low-cost rules, diversity and – as we found out – good, clean fun Writer Ed Foster, photographer Mitch Pashavair Variety is, according to the dictionary, “the quality or state of being different or diverse; the absence of uniformity or monotony”. There should really be a...

Page 78 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, September 2014

Go with the Blow

In 1930 Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin defied Bentley by supercharging its beloved 4½. Eighty-four years on, we take an unforgettable ride as the Blower blasts back to the track where its legend was written Writer Rob Widdows We thunder through the night; I cannot feel the top of my head, so fierce is the wind buffeting from the bonnet. I try to snuggle down into the warm footwell but to no avail. On we...

Page 56 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, July 2014

Obituary – John Etheridge

Race engineer and GT40 expert John Etheridge has died aged 73. A vital part of Aston Martin’s race crew with DP212 and 214, he was head-hunted by John Wyer to build and run GT40s at FAV, and was much valued by Wyer. In 1968 he set up his own firm, rebuilding and race-preparing Astons and GT40s, including the prototype, and also building the ‘run on’ Safir GT40s.

Page 31 of January 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, January 1950

Sunbeams Between The Wars

by John R. Coombes and John Wyer Continued from December, 1949 issue. 1928 The "six" model range was continued almost without change for 1928. The wheelbase of the Sixteen was increased to 10 ft. 6¼ in., and was therefore 1¾ in. longer than the Twenty. The axle ratio was lowered In 5.5-to-1, and the Twenty also had the lowered ratio of 5-to-1. The 3-litre was somewhat detuned, the compression...

Page 70 of January 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, January 1993

The Gulf/Wyer GT40s and 917 In Action. Terrific Stuff Videos. 65min,£17.99.

Maybe, in 20 years' time, there will be those who hark back to 1992 and drone on and on about how exciting sports car racing was in "the good old days". Somehow, I doubt it. After the farce of the 1992 SWC, this recent Terrific Stuff release will be manna to those who know how a good sports car race should be. It comprises two brief films. The first focuses on the JW Automotive team's ultimately...



December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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