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Page 40 of September 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, September 1950


SUNBEAM SUCCESSES IN EDW ARDIAN RACING (Continued from page 450) up from tenth place to third at the finish. Louis Chevrolet drove one of the Sunbeams in another race and in a great effort to overtake the leader on the last lap he east discretion to the winds and let the rev.-eounter go up to 3,200 r.p.m. As a result he finished third with a connecting rod sticking through the side of the...

Page 72 of January 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, January 1984

"Mohawk" & "Manitou"

Two 12-Cylinder Sunbeam Record-Breakers [The Sunbeam Motor Car Company Ltd of Wolverhampton pioneered the 12-cylinder engine, and it was after study of the racing Sunbeam "Toodles V", described below, by Packard of America that the first successful production V12 car appeared, in the form of the Packard "Twin-Six". Although Louis Coatalen's creation had side valves it was a very fast car, which...

Page 35 of January 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, January 1983

Sunbeams at Indianapolis

I have prevailed upon Mr. Anthony S. Heal, the great authority on anything appertaining to Sunbeam cars and STD affairs, particularly the racing endeavours of Louis Coatalen, Sunbeam's celebrated Chief Engineer, to write this erudite article about Sunbeam racing undertaken a long way from home, at America's Indianapolis Speedway, between 1913 to 1921, as a preliminary to what I hope may be a...

Page 15 of June 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, June 1943


  Forgotten Episodes An article in Skyways by Thomas F. Collison, entitled "Spotlight," on Rickenbacker, recalls an incident in the life of this famous American aviator which many people will probably have forgotten. It concerns Rickenbacker's visit to England in 1916 "to develop a racing team for the English Sunbeam Motor Works." It will be remembered that Resta, the Sunbeam driver, won at...

Page 46 of June 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, June 1990

The 1916 Indianapolis Sunbeam

When a prominent racing car becomes the sole surviving example of its type that merits attention. The more so when, as in the case of Harold Smith's 1916 Indianapolis 4.9-litre Sunbeam, it has lain neglected for more than half a century before being painstakingly restored. This work was entrusted to STD specialist Ian Polson of Wickenbrook, near Newmarket. They were rewarded when the old Sunbeam...


January 2020
Racing Rivalries: The 25 most explosive battles between drivers, teams, cars... and families.



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