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Page 27 of August 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, August 1972

Brands Hatchings

The pettiness of big business and the sordid side of sponsorship was well illustrated by the complete ban on Marlboro publicity at this John Player Grand Prix, even to the point of leaving off the name Marlboro in the official placing of Beltoise in eleventh position. The sooner cigarettes and smoking is banned by the Government the cleaner and healthier our sport will become. * * * When the...

Page 12 of July 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, July 1964

Reflections on the Dutch G.P.

When Jim Clark does one of his demonstrations of the perfect Grand Prix driver at work, as he did at Zandvoort, there are people who do not enjoy watching and consider it monotonous or dull, even though he may be setting up new lap records and race records. Now I enjoy a wheel-to-wheel dice as well as anyone, and during those two classic races at Reims, in 1953 and 1961, I was standing on the...

Page 15 of May 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, May 1963

XXIII Pau Grand Prix: A Team Lotus demonstration

Pau, France, April 15th With Easter being rather early the traditional Pau Grand Prix, held on Easter Monday, suffered from many possible entries not being ready, neither Ferrari nor A.T.S. being sufficiently advanced with their new cars to take part in the 100-lap "round-the-houses" race. Fifteen drivers were assembled for the first practice, which took place on Saturday afternoon, but only...

Page 29 of August 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, August 1974

European letter

[By means of which our roving European reporter keeps in touch with the Editor.] Dear W. B., After motoring about on the highly efficient German and Belgian motorways and eating at the clinical and rather plastic motorway food stops, it was rather pleasant to return to France where you don't have to use the Autoroutes, leaving them to those people who are in a hurry. Meandering across France on...

Page 28 of October 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, October 1991

Delirium Tremens -- Jo Siffert remembered

An indomitable will to win IN 1948 at Bremgarten a 12 year-old Swiss boy watched, entranced, as a Frenchman wove his magic driving a Gordini. The boy's name was Joseph Siffert, the Frenchman's Raymond Sommer. Coeur de Lion, they called the latter, Lionheart. It was his name long before anyone ever thought of coining it for Nigel Mansell, and Sommer was an artist, a man to whom the manner in...

Page 15 of May 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, May 1965

Continental notes

Last year there was a big fuss over the C.S.I. refusing to accept the mid-engined Ferrari 250LM Berlinetta for homologation, so that it could take part in GT racing, and this furore went on all season, with some major repercussions in International GT racing circles, as well as some minor ones in G.P. circles where Ferrari was concerned. After enlarging the engine to 3.3-litres, thereby making...

Page 54 of August 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, August 1962

48th French Grand Prix

A Race of Surprises Rouen-Les Essarts, July 8th. Every five years the Grand Prix de l'A.C.F. leaves the Reims circuit and is held at Rouen-Les-Essarts, having done so in 1952, 1957 and now in 1962. The Rouen circuit does not have the amenities nor the grandness and atmosphere of Reims, but the circuit itself is one of the best in Europe from the point of view of driving and spectating. All the...

Page 24 of January 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, January 1969

Continental Notes

Before every Grand Prix season begins there are inevitably changes amongst the various teams, with drivers coming and going, and it would be interesting if the laws of libel were to allow us to know the real reasons for some of the changes. Many drivers have agents or publicity writers who send us pages of "hoo-hah" as to why their driver has left Team A and is joining Team B, while the Teams...

Page 61 of July 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, July 1979

Ten Years On

A chance meeting Back in 1969 there was still good reason for a motoring trip to Sicily each year. Although the Siracuse Grand Prix was no longer taking place, the Targa Florio was still on the International calendar and demanded coverage in Motor Sport. After many years of travelling to Sicily in my Porsche 356 I was now doing the journey much faster in an E-type Jaguar and with faster and...

Page 28 of September 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, September 1963

The 25th German Grand Prix

A well-deserved win Adenau, August 4th As if to celebrate the 25th German Grand Prix the weather at the Nurburgring in the Eifel mountains almost behaved itself for the duration of the meeting, which covered practice on Friday and Saturday and the race on Sunday. On such a long circuit with a change in height between the start area and Breidscheid of many hundreds of feet, and hills and valleys...



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