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Page 47 of March 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, March 1979

The Editor looks at the legand of the invincible Talbot-Darracos

One of Louis Coatalen's great interests was motor racing and when he became Chief Engineer of the STD organisation he was able to indulge this whim to the full, perhaps at the expense of the share-holders. Naturally, he set his sights on winning the Grand Prix. In 1912 his small cars, based on the standard Sunbeams, had given the bigger cars a fright. In 1913 Coatalen's side-valve GP Sunbeam had...

Page 40 of May 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, May 1983

Motoring as it was

A look back to the roads of the 1920s (Continued from last month)  We left "Owen John", whose past motoring fortunes we are pondering, at the 1921 Motor Show. After this he visited the Motorcycle Show, but seems to have been impressed only by the Ner-a-Car and the Peters, apart from being able to tell the vendors that the Hellesen dry-battery lamp he bought the previous year was still working. He...

Page 35 of November 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, November 1977

A remarkable Sunbeam revelation

How Louis Coatalen copied a 1913 Coupe de L'Auto Peugeot for his 1914 TT cars It is accepted that the Sunbeam that won the 1914 TT, driven by Kenelm Lee Guinness, was a direct crib of the famous and successful 1913 Coupe de L'Auto Peugeot. Louis Coatalen, who had come to the Sunbeam Motor Company in Wolverhampton from Hillman in 1909, had shown himself to be extremely keen on motor racing. He had...

Page 12 of April 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, April 1933

Honouring Sir Malcolm Campbell

HONOURING SIR MALCOLM CAMPBELL H.R.H. PRINCE GEORGE PRESIDES AT HONOUR OF THE WORLD'S BANQUET GIVEN BY THE B.R.D.C. IN LAND SPEED RECORD HOLDER. ON Tuesday, March 14th, British racing drivers and their friends acknowledged their admiration of Sir Malcolm Campbell's great achievement in setting up a new land speed record of 273 m.p.h. Graciously presided over by the President of the Club, H.R.H....

Page 49 of January 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, January 1981


A Section Devoted To Old-Car Matters A Memory of "The Sunbeam" at Wolverhampton The other day I had an interesting chat with Mr. J. L. Cozens, MBE, TD, about the old days at "The Sunbeam" in Wolverhampton. Mr. Cozens' father, L. V. Cozens, joined that great Company in 1903, and two of his uncles, Norman Cozens and Vic Cozens, were also with the Company, in the respective capacities of Service...

Page 30 of February 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, February 1970

Frederick Lionel Rapson - inventor extraordinary

WE LEFT Mr. Rapson in the unenviable position of having submitted his much criticised "unpunctureable" tyres to a 10,000-mile RAC-observed test from which he had to withdraw after 5,732 miles because three of the Rapsons on his Rolls-Royce were suffering from internal defects. Such an outcome, after the blaze of publicity in which his invention had been announced five months before, in July, 1919...

Page 12 of April 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, April 1938


PRE-WAR SUNBEAMS TWO FAMOUS WINNER STILL RUNNING IN NEW ZEALAND GRAND PRIX CAR AND T.T. WHENEVER old-time racing comes up in discussion, someone is almost certain to remark " Won derful cars those must have been. I wonder what's happened to them now ? " Many famous cars have been re-discovered in the columns of MOTOR SPORT, in the " Veteran Types" series and elsewhere, even up to the February...

Page 20 of May 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, May 1957


An Important New Book The famous Motor Course at Weybridge will attain its fiftieth anniversary next month. Although it is no longer used for motor racing the old Track will be remembered with affection by all manner of persons who raced, spectated, organised or officiated there between the years 1907 and 1939 when the place was one of the most active motor-racing centres in the world. It is...

Page 22 of May 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, May 1938


VINTAGE CARS Sir, Here are a few notes on Talbot-Darracq racing-cars. Most old-time motorists remember the racing successes of Darracq cars and readers Of MOTOR SPORT will recollect the references to them in issue May 1936. But it was not until 1921, when the firm was associated with the English Sunbeam and Talbot Cos., that under the control of an Englishman—Mr. Owen Clegg— it turned its...

Page 16 of March 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, March 1944


THE OUTER CIRCUIT " 200s " Rthe flag fell the following left the line : 4-litre class—H. 0. D. Segrave, K. Lee Guinness and Malcolm Campbell (Talbot-Darra,cqs) ; P. de Vizcaya and Mones Maury (Bugattis) ; Hawkes, Temple and Edwards (H)rstmans); Bedford (Hillman); Stead, Brownsort, Munday, Davis and Davy (A.C.) ; Marshall, Victor Bruce, Zborowski and Kensington-Moir (Aston-Martins) .; Hammond and...



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