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Page 62 of April 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, April 2004

The man who would be Rex

He beat a works Auto Union and was offered a factory drive by Alfa. But Rex Mays preferred the intense buzz of American speedway.Joe Scalzo describes the short life of An Indy addict Tazio Nuvolari couldn't believe his eyes. Because he was Figlio del Diavolo — 'The Devil's Son'— Nuvolari knew a thing or two about getting moody with a grand prix car and sending one into impossible four-wheel...

Page 24 of January 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, January 1934

Rex Mays Wins at Ascot.

NEWS FROM AMERICA BY Our American Correspondent T. MERIWETFIER-SMITH Rex Mays Wins at Ascot. THE sensational 22-year old , Rex Mays, driving his neat little Hispano Special, has displaced Ernie Triplett in the contest for the Pacific South West A.A.A. Championship, and has gained a most popular position with the thousands of motor race lovers in California. Mays captured three races during...

Page 38 of June 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, June 1934


NEWS FROM THE U.S.A. LOUIE MEYER WINS ASCOT ROAD RACE AND OAKLAND 250-MILES CLASSIC WITHIN A WEEK— INDIANAPOLIS HUMS WITH PRE-RACE ACTIVITY. BY Our American Correspondent T. MERIVVETHER-SMITH THE 1928-29-33 National Racing Champion, Louie Meyer, has inaugurated his 1934 season with two brilliant victories in long, gruelling stock car races in California. Meyer was fourth in his first start of the...

Page 118 of May 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 118, May 2012

Before the gold rush

US stock car racing boomed thanks to NASCAR. But its roots were planted in unlikely territory: California dirtBy Jonathan Ingram Many claims have been made about the location of the first race in America for production cars, which came to be known as stock cars. The majority of these accounts concern bootleggers racing in cornfields in the South, stories often told for the benefit of Southern...

Page 47 of April 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, April 1934


NEWS FROM THE U.S.A. Stubblefield Wins Gilmore Gold Cup Road Race. R10 0A racing in California, absent for over 17 years, returned to Los Angeles on February 18th and was accorded an enthusiastic welcome by an attendance estimated at above 80,000 at the first annual Gilmore Gold Cup Classic. This race was run over a 250-mile distance, 131 laps of an intricate, winding, exceedingly_ rough course....

Page 10 of March 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, March 1935


NEWS FROM THE U.S.A. Miller Building Cars. HARRY MILLER, famous builder of race cars in the States, is busy constructing five machines in Detroit, Michigan, according to reports in a California motor magazine. These machines, the periodical states, will be raced in European events during the summer, and will probably be handled by picked American cracks. Ernie Weil, once associated with Miller on...

Page 49 of December 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, December 1933


NEWS FROM THE U.S.A. CALIFOR NIA ROAD RACE PLANNED FOR DECEMBER. THE 1933 A.A.A. Championship season will be closed with a 100-mile road race in California, according to plans recently announced by Lou Moore, noted race driver, and Bill Pickens, publicity success of racing blicity agent. The sucss of the recent Elgin road race revival in Illinois is said to be the reason for the revival of road...

Page 16 of July 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, July 1934


NEWS FROM THE U.S.A. "WILD BILL" CUMIVIINGS WINS INDIANAPOLIS 500-MILE CLASSIC — THREE DRIVERS ESCAPE DEATH IN TERRIBLE CRACK-UPS—ROSE, DRIVING BRILLIANTLY, IS SECOND. BY Our American Correspondent T. MERIWETHER-SMITH ATTRACTED by a field of crack racing drivers unsurpassed in the history of the track, thrilled by an entry list of racing machines of practically every known type now racing in the...

Page 37 of July 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, July 1936


THE INDIANAPOLIS "500" LOUIS MEYER (RING-FREE SPECIAL) WINS CLASSIC FOR THIRD TIME. PETROL RESTRICTIONS SLOW DOWN RACING AND GIVE TAME FINISHES With the lifting of the ban on superchargers and the spending of some $100,000 on improvements to the track, it was generally expected that this year's "Five-century Gasoline Derby" would be won at a record speed. However, what was not generally expected...

Page 25 of June 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, June 1933


NEWS FROM THE U.S.A. By Our American Correspondent T. MERIWETHER-SMITH. An American Road Race? Grand Prix road race will race return to the United States on June 24th of this year, according to plans of Ralph A. Hankinson, promoter, and a group of influential Nassau County, New York, citizens. Plans call for a 350-mile Grand Prix race to be staged over a 20-mile course in Nassau county. The event...



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