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Page 116 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 116, September 2014

A record worth its salt

Fifty years ago Donald Campbell’s outdated Bluebird defied the jet age by setting a new Land Speed Record. The scene remains one of the most inhospitable places in the world Writer James Nicholls It is 50 years since Donald Campbell broke the world land speed record on Lake Eyre in South Australia with his gas-turbine car Bluebird. On July 17 1964 he recorded the incredible speed of 403.100mph in...

Page 46 of December 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, December 1993

Back to Black Rock

On 4 October 1983, Richard Noble blasted Thrust 2, a Rolls-Royce Avon powered jet-car, across the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA to set a new Land Speed Record at 633.468 mph, a figure which remains unbeaten to this day. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their accomplishment, and to meet the man who hopes to challenge the record some time next year, Noble and the rest of the Project Thrust...

Page 91 of August 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 91, August 2004


So extremely popular have been MGs that a great number of books have covered their design, development, the different models and their racing and rally successes. I have 26 on my bookshelves and that is only part of it. Haynes has now included another, MGB by David Knowles. It covers the MGC and MGB GT V8, with data on each, but is mainly a vivid colour kaleidoscope on miscellaneous items,...

Page 16 of January 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, January 1998

Letters from readers

Come join the club… Sir, I read with great interest your editorial in the last issue of Motor Sport in which you make an appeal on behalf of Richard Noble's ThrustSSC team. As a member of the Mach One Club, I have been following the team's efforts in raising budget to build, test and transport the car to its ultimate success at Black Rock. I presume that I have been contributing a small part to...

Page 134 of December 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 134, December 2013

Lunch With... Richard Noble

A chance encounter watching John Cobb inspired a love of speed record breaking. Now he heads the team that’s aiming for 1000mph "For Britain, and for the hell of it.” Just after he had finally become the fastest man on earth, Richard Noble was asked why he’d done it. Why, in pursuing his life’s goal, had he remained single-mindedly determined despite years of frustration, disappointment,...

Page 52 of September 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, September 1992

The Reluctant Hero

1952: the year in which King George VI died, John Derry crashed at the Farnborough Air Show, and Britain first exploded its atomic bomb. The year of Derek Bentley and Christopher Craig, the Lynmouth floods, the Harrow train crash, the introduction of disc brakes. The year in which John Rhodes Cobb, one of Britain's most unsung motorsporting heroes, was killed during an attempt on the water speed...

Page 55 of November 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, November 1983

Project Thrust: persistence rewarded

Nine years of endeavour, frustration, patience and heartbreak finally ended for Richard Noble on Tuesday, October 4th — when he piloted the 34,000 hp jetcar Thrust 2 to a. new mile land speed record of 633.468 : mph. For Noble, the latest in a highly distinguished line of British speed kings, the success was the culmination of a dream that had begun as long ago as 1952 when, as a six-year-old, he...

Page 88 of July 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, July 2002

The four-year mile

Meet the land speed record's answer to the BRM V16. With the might of British industry behind it Donald Cambelesjet-powered bluebird broke the record by just 9mph after four years of effort but it had the potential to go a lot faster, writes Keith Howard Plot a graph of land speed record marks against the dates they were set and the upward trend holds consistent until August 1939, when John Cobb...

Page 20 of February 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, February 1992

The lure of a legend

25 years since his death, Donald Campbell's name still exerts a magnetic charm At 8.46 on the morning of January 4 1967 Donald Campbell took what became the last great gamble of his life on Coniston Water. Only moments after speeding down the black lake at 297mph, he elected not to refuel, nor to let his wake die down, but to return immediately. At a speed estimated to be well beyond the 300mph...


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