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Page 102, November 2014

Lunch with... Kenny Bräck

He reached Formula 3, stepped back to Renault Clios and then went on to conquer Indianapolis... via an argument or two with Tom Walkinshaw Writer: Simon Taylor, Photographer: James Mitchell Every sportsman tends to be remembered, above all, for one particular achievement: one win, one record, one defining moment in his career. Kenny Bräck feels that most people primarily recall his victory in the...

Page 70, March 1980

The Brazilian Grand Prix

Arnoux's first victory  Sao Paulo, January 27th Few of those who were critical of the decision to hold this year's Brazilian Grand Prix there would deny that Sao Paulo's superb 4.946 mile Interlagos circuit is one of the very best in the world. It winds its way through some fairly mundane surroundings in the Sao Paulo suburbs, but it is a most exacting facility which challenges driving skill...

Page 42, December 1983

The Formula One Scene

The last two years have seen some semblance of respectability return to Formula One racing, so that one could justifiably call it Grand Prix racing once more. The petty bickering that went on amongst the small-time entrepreneurs who posed as businessmen has largely disappeared for the simple fact that some of the "performers" have gone and their places have been taken by industrial concerns of...

Page 10, November 1949

Exciting V.S.C.C. Meeting at Luton Hoo

Walker (E.R.A.) Wins £75 Prize. Poore's 3.8-litre Alfa-Romeo Makes F.T.D. on Extra Run. The Vintage S.C.C. ran a successful, if autumnal, speed trial over the exciting 1 1/2-mile course at Luton Hoo, by permission of Sir Harold Wernher, on October 9th. Last year the course was slightly shorter. The road is wide and well surfaced and embraces an S-bend taken both ways of the course, as cars turn...

Page 108, April 2001

I wish I'd designed... Lotus 49

Put off Formula One for years by the death of Jim Clark, it was the technical aspects, not human ones, which renewed his interest. However, there is one car which combines both Although not much of a historian, I'm inclined to choose a car from the period which really got me excited about Formula One and drove me to get involved. The Lotus 49 is significant for me because it was the last F1 car...

Page 14, November 1997


Late in the afternoon of November 22 1963, I was stopped by a policeman and reprimanded for riding my bike at dusk without lights. I carried on to school, chastened, where I found my housemaster looking extremely preoccupied. My first thought was that the copper had reported me but it was rather more significant than that. "Two hours ago," he said, "President Kennedy was assassinated." Thus, that...

Page 34, May 2009

NASCAR feels the crunch

The world began to change in NASCAR at the end of last season. More than 1000 jobs were lost as belts were tightened and five teams either merged or closed down. Petty Enterprises, NASCAR’s longest-standing team, was bought by Gillett Evernham and renamed Richard Petty Motorsports. Chip Ganassi and Felix Sabates merged their NASCAR team with Dale Earnhardt Inc, reducing two three-car teams into a...

Page 66, March 1999

Triple Treat

Matra's plan was to win both Formula One titles plus Le Mans in just ten years. In the event, it did all that and more. Gordon Cruickshank reports. It's hard to think of a recent equivalent to the Matra racing regime. In one glorious decade, from 1965 to 1974, Matra fielded victorious Grand Prix cars and Le Mans winners at the same time as building F2 and F3 cars and selling quirky roadcars ......

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