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Page 51 of November 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, November 1974

Which was the first British car?

Sir, Regarding the discussion about Britain's First Car in your columns, I feel that Mr. Anthony Bird should not be allowed the last Weed. Whilst not attempting to sort out the respective claims made on behalf of Butler, Knight, Bremer and Lanchester, I shall readily agree that the Wolseley was probably only Britain's Fifth Car, or, if the possibly dubious efforts of Butler, Knight and Bremer are...

Page 8 of May 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, May 1938


THE SEVENTH R.A.C. RALLY AN SS OUTING—MORGAN, WOLSELEY, ASTON-MARTIN, TRIUMPH, SS AND FORD V8 SHARE THE HONOURS--SENSIBLE FINAL TESTS—INTEREST AS PRONOUNCED AS EVERRILEY TAKES THE TEAM PRIZE WELL, the seventh R.A.C. has come and gone. It was a signal success. Even though there Was a compulsory night stop this year, and the weather broke just before the start, so that a cold and cheerless wind...

Page 38 of April 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, April 1976

Austin Twenties

Sir, I was very interested to read the various letters that appeared in the February issue of Motor Sport in reply to your article on the Austin Twenty, which you compiled from a letter I wrote you. Regarding the one from F. T. Henry, which is by far the most interesting, it is obvious to me that he is writing from memory as there are so many mistakes in it, though there is a good deal of most...

Page 17 of September 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, September 1946


by "Baladeur" A correspondent who is apparently a persistent follower of these sideslips reminds me that I have outstanding a promise to discourse upon Serpollet road steamers. Well, that is a promise which I am only too willing to redeem. Ever since I first saw that marvellous photograph of the start of Leon Serpollet's trip to Lyons in January, 1890, originally published, I believe, in La...

Page 40 of October 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, October 1974

Fragments on Forgotten Makes

No.50: The Salmson With the excellent Salmson history by Chris Draper now published (it is reviewed elsewhere) it seems opportune to fill in with some fragments of the London side of this sporting make. This I have been able to do by interviewing Harold Garland, whose memory is prodigious, considering how far back we are going. Garland joined K.J. Motors of Bromley soon after the First World War...

Page 56 of December 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, December 1951

FOR SALE--continued

FOR SALE-continued FRAZER-NASH R.M.W. Type 328, 1930. 88,000 utiles on elock believed genuine. Just recellulosed black and white. Faultless condition. Many extras. Offers ? Ring Kensington (1955, or write Robin Richards. 62, Princes Gate Mews, London. S.W.7. (9271 B17OATTL Type 44 (3-litre single cam 24-11.p.) Open 4,seater tourer. Maintained regardless of cost. One of the best examples in U.K....

Page 51 of November 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, November 1974

"Which Fiat Was This?"

Sir, Your mention (August, 1974) of the Openshaw Fiat puzzles me frankly, and 1 very much wonder if it was a "real" racing car (Fiat themselves looked upon the S61 as a sports model). I don't think that it can have been a Vintage machine as Fiat themselves say categorically that the last works team cars to be sold into private ownership were the S57 Grand Prix types of 1914, by this time bored...

Page 59 of October 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, October 1982

Fragments On Forgotten Makes No. 43: THE IMPERIA

Fragments On Forgotten Makes No. 43: THE IMPERIA EVEN prior to the First World War the Imperia from Liege had sporting connotations. It had been raced on the Continent and inevitably cars of this make appeared at Brooklands. In 1908, for example, a lady achieved some notoriety, at a time when females were regarded as very much the gentler sex and were not permitted to compete in races on the new...


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