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Page 130 of November 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 130, November 2008

Lotus 20/22

With Formula Junior regaining popularity, now’s the time to invest in one of Colin Chapman’s creations. Which type will you go for?By Richard Heseltine It always was a catchy title. Fifty years young, Formula Junior is undergoing something of a renaissance, an under-the-radar second – or possibly third – coming with packed grids attracting newbies and old hands alike to entry-level historic...

Page 41 of December 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, December 2008

Porsche's hottest numbers

In 60 years the Stuttgart firm has produced some glorious cars. Picking the 10 best models would be tricky enough, but the 10 best individual chassis? Time to turn to a true Porsche expert… By Michael Cotton There was a time when I did not care for Porsches at all. There, heresy confessed! My school exercise books were covered in drawings of Ferrari and Maserati Grand Prix cars, beautiful front-...

Page 56 of May 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, May 2008

The shock of the news

At a time when racing fatalities were by no means uncommon, Jim Clark’s death caused the biggest shock of all. Derek Bell, Max Mosley and Jackie Stewart recall that fateful day at Hockenheim By David Tremayne Team personnel rubbed their hands together to ward off the frosty chill as they left their hotels for the short run to the Hockenheimring, the circuit close to Mannheim in Germany, on the...

Page 14 of April 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, April 2010

Nigel Roebuck

Reflections– Montoya and Michelin deserved more in F1– Daytona: from the 24 Hours to the 500– Why ‘Quick Vic’ loved the Porsche 917 You know,” mused Vic Elford, “for years I worked for Skip Barber, doing tuition at his race drivers’ school at Sears Point – it’s got some other, vulgar name now [Infineon], but back then it was Sears Point. Anyway, one day this gentleman from South America turned up...

Page 38 of June 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, June 1998

1969 - Down to the Wyer

It should have been Porsche’s day but when Stuttgart foundered, John Wyer’s team was ready. Adam Cooper recalls what happened next The 1969 24 hours is remembered as the closest finish in the history of Le Mans and is usually mentioned in despatches whenever the greatest motor races of all time are considered. But the race has earned a place in the history books for other reasons. It marked the...

Page 42 of April 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, April 1995

Legends in their own lap times

Sports car racing is in the throes of a recovery, but it seems unlikely it will ever again reach such charismatic heights as it did 25 years ago The whoosh of tyres sliding hopelessly on wet tarmac is something every driver fears. So was the thump! as Barrie Smith's Lola T70 smote the protective banking in front of the Grovewood Suite at Brands Hatch. No mean driver, Smith had lost the Lola all...

Page 72 of December 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, December 2006

Lunch with... Brian Redman

Simon Taylor talks to the man who, almost unwillingly, became one of the world's fastest sports car racers, with multiple wins including the Targa Florio History takes a lot of notice of Formula 1, and not enough notice of the rest. Here's a great British driver remembered by F1 only because he turned down an offer from Ferrari, and was lucky to escape with his life from an accident in which he...

Page 40 of June 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, June 2001

So far, yet so near

It was the closest finish ever at Le Mans but there still has to be a loser. The man who missed out tells his story to Adam Cooper The 1969 Le Mans 24 hours is acknowledged as one of the greatest motor races of all time, and winners Jacky Ickx and Jackie Oliver have retold their stories before. But what about the man who came second that year? Hans Herrmann went on to win in 1970, but his place...

Page 49 of March 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, March 2013

World's most exclusive Gulf club

A keen collector craved a Ford GT40, but passion sometimes knows no bounds By Andrew Frankel Their names are 3707 Zenith Blue & 3957 Tangerine and on their own are just a couple of colours. But put them together with art and skill, apply them to the flowing surfaces of an aerodynamically honed racing car and something extraordinary happens. Mouths fall open, fingers point and young boys dream...

Page 18 of June 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, June 1964

Whitsun Race Meetings

500 Kilometers at Spa (May 17th) The Automobile Club of Spa ran a 500-kilometre race for homologated GT cars on the magnificent circuit at Francorchamps in weather that was perfect for spectators but a bit too hot for the drivers. Counting for the Manufacturers' Championship, the race attracted a good entry and 44 cars started, divided into classes of 1,300 c.c.-1,600 c.c., 1,600 c.c.-2,000 c.c...



December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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