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Page 66 of December 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, December 1970

Lane discipline

Sir, Your Editorial in the November issue on Motorways, bunching and the third lane prompts me to add: What about the slow lane? During a comprehensive tour of France and Germany, it was noticed that they suffer from exactly the same idée fixe as many drivers here, i.e., as soon as you come to a three-lane dual-carriageway, move into the centre lane and stick there. Do not move to the nearside,...

Page 76 of May 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, May 1988

Lane discipline

Sir, Mr RJ Wade’s letter (Motor Sport, April 1988) surely misses the point. It is the incorrect use of the first and second lands on motorways that causes congestion in the third. There seems to be a general idea that the first lane is for lorries and the like and the second lane is the normal driving lane for cars, whatever their speed and whether there is any traffic in the first lane or not....

Page 55 of February 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, February 1972

Lane discipline

Sir, In the Province of Ontario, Canada, on all divided multiple-lane roads there is no "passing lane" as such. Any lane is a passing lane and this has been the law there for years. This obviates the danger incurred from those motorists who insist upon "sitting" in the passing lane. It works in Ontario without any fuss or bother and minus accidents as well. To operate efficiently this system only...

Page 78 of March 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, March 1972

Lane discipline and justice

Sir, Your excellent "Matters of Moment" did right in bringing to light the unwholesome aspect of "that other kind of motoring madness". But as neither the RAC nor the AA will initiate any action whatsoever on either the disgraceful case of Mr. Rogers or the similar one involving His Grace the Duke of Bedford, surely it is up to the motoring journals in general and Motor Sport in particular to...


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