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Page 56 of May 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, May 1996

Turin Crowd Pleaser

Noisy, cramped, rough, twitchy - is it any wonder customers ignored the Stratos in droves? Laurence Meredith thinks they missed out In 1965, Lancia launched its devilishly pretty front drive V4 Fulvia coupe. Being an agile handler and capable of ha fair turn of speed, it enjoyed moderate success in international rallying. But as time marched on, the dual headlamp cars from Fabricca Automobili...

Page 54 of October 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, October 1996

Lagonda Accord

Laurence Meredith assesses a viable Bentley alternative If we accept the general maxim that the basis for discussion is an exchange of knowledge, it so often follows that an argument, especially the heated variety, can be identified but not always by a profound exchange of ignorance and that, most folks when pressed hard, would prefer to rely on supposition than sound judgment. Since the year '...

Page 54 of March 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, March 1996

Fantasy Overture

Rebuffed by the authorities, orphaned and winner only by default at Le Mans, Ferrari's 250 LM had a sticky start. Laurence Meredith recalls boyhood dreams of Maranello's misnamed missile. Most folks, if pressed, can remember one childhood Christmas that was better than all the others, and as I am no exception I fear that it is now time to make a painful confession. The plain truth of the matter...

Page 78 of August 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, August 1996

Aston Martin Convertibles & Volantes

The 1960s. heralded a new era for Aston Martin as David Brown waved goodbye to the comparatively stolid cars of the 1950s, and ushered in a fresh generation of Touring-bodied, sporting sybarites which were fast, elegant, upper-crust and, above all, despite wearing an Italian suit, quintessentially English. From the DB4 to the mighty V8 of the 1970s, these potent machines remain highly coveted and...

Page 4 of June 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, June 1997

Audi to build six 'new' Auto Unions

Audi has commissioned British Specialists Crosthwaite and Gardner to build up to six exact replicas of the 1939 ex-HP Muller Auto Union V16 mountain-climbing car which will star at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June. The move has been made in a bid to capitalise on the marque's illustrious sporting history and to emphasise that Auto Union still survives today as a subsiduary company within...

Page 54 of June 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, June 1996

No Lemon Lenham

Though remembered more for streamlined Spridgets, Lenham once had big ambitions. Laurence Meredith investigates. The history of motorsport suggests that the desire to start up as a manufacturer of racing cars is widespread, perennial and generally foolish. However, it is largely thanks to the large army of fanatical one-man bands that Britain's racing car industry is, and has been for the best...

Page 104 of September 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 104, September 1996

A-Z of Classic Sporting Cars 1950-1975

PART ONE AC Ace, Ace Bristol 1954-1963 Bespoke British sports cars with fine looks, excellent performance and, if you like crossplies, handling to match. Two engines — 1991cc AC unit and more powerful 1971cc 120bhp Bristol engine introduced 1956 — both 6-cylinders, both symphonic. Less than 700 produced all told, so rare now. Not cheap to buy and not to be left unattended at Sainsbury's. Top...

Page 65 of December 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, December 1996

A Kick Up The '50s

Slow, old-fashioned, unwieldy... Surely a Beetle can't win rallies? Laurence Meredith gets things straight With its grossly under-powered, understressed, under-the-wrong-lid flat-four engine, the Volkswagen Beetle is perhaps an unlikely candidate for outright victory in international rallying, but featured here is not only the world's most successful rally Beetle but a car which, in a virtually...

Page 56 of November 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, November 1996

Monteverdi Octet

Swiss-made cars are as rare as tasteful cuckoo-clocks; Laurence Meredith drives the one which made it to Britain As a nation the Swiss are something of an enigma; women in the Confederation Helvetica weren't eligible to vote until 1972, unemployment in the country at around the same time rose to double figures — 11 to be precise — which some citizens regarded as a national scandal, and for most...

Page 80 of October 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, October 1996

A-Z of Classic Sporting Cars 1950 - 1975

Part Two Jensen 541 1954-1963 Glass-fibre body, 4-litre straight-six engine but styling is an acquired taste. 541 introduced 1957 with rack-and-pinion steering and disc brakes. More power from the same engine but replaced by 541S version with auto transmission in 1961. Bigger and heavier, the S didn't catch on either. Less than 600 examples produced from start of Production. Not an earth-...



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