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Page 98 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, September 2014

Where the grassroots are greener

The 750 Motor Club, founded by our own Bill Boddy, celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. It continues to thrive thanks to low-cost rules, diversity and – as we found out – good, clean fun Writer Ed Foster, photographer Mitch Pashavair Variety is, according to the dictionary, “the quality or state of being different or diverse; the absence of uniformity or monotony”. There should really be a...

Page 7 of April 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, April 1946

Personality Parade

A Series of Interviews with Personalities famous in the Realms of Motoring Sport No. 4 - L.M. Ballamy Mr. Leslie Ballamy does not only manufacture and modify sports cars but is, happily; sincerely interested in the Sport. Always bright and optimistic, he is not bounded by the prevailing fashions in car-designing lore, but rather strikes his own way. The success of his swing-axle front suspension...

Page 7 of May 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, May 1943

The second Motor-Racing Brains Trust

The second Motor-Racing Brains Trust went off successfully at the Rembrandt Rooms on March 28th, and every credit is due to Messrs. Capon, Rivers-Fletcher and Peter Clark for organising it. The 150 tickets which were available were all sold, and everybody who is anybody in our world who could attend did so. At the luncheon preceding the brains session, Capt. A. W. Philips was in the chair. Rivers...

Page 78 of September 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, September 1998

The trials of WB

Tackling muddy hills by car is a long-standing British tradition. Bill Boddy recalls the experts trials he rode on Motorsport has many facets. Trials represent a different approach from events in which speed is all-important. Particularly before WW2, trials (‘mud-storming’) were very popular among amateur and professional drivers. Hills of reasonably steep gradient (but not so severe as the freak...

Page 92 of July 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, July 2003

Extra-special Bugattis

Bill Boddy Having served my apprenticeship in writing by sending schoolboy letters to Motor Sport and other motoring papers, and writing unpaid contributions for the Bugantics magazine of the BOC, I thought to broaden the last-named with more than just bits about the club's rallies and social events. But how to do this? Bugattis are such good cars that few owners wished to improve them or to...

Page 143 of October 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 143, October 1980

Letters from Readers

N.B. - Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and MOIOR SPORT does not necessarily associate itself with them - Ed Licensing A Motor Car — 1980 Sir, They told us that the local authorities were inefficient. So, They created, at vast public expense, the Welsh Whale, a paragon of efficiency to be. You, Sir, alone amongst the outspoken, later told us in a delightfully scathing editorial...

Page 100 of October 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, October 2003

Independent confirmation

RB Lakin points out that it was he, then Sub Lt Lakin, RN, who owned the IFS Bugatti which Dick Seaman drove at Brooklands in 1936; Leslie Ballamy had entered the car and had made the IFS suspension. Seaman, who failed to complete a lap, was not impressed and immediately drove away from the Track in his Ford V8. Lakin, who had a distinguished career in the Submarine Service, points out also that...

Page 2 of March 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 2, March 1943

The Motor Racing Brains Trust

Rivers-Fletcher and Bill Capon put over a very original form of motoring entertainment at the Rembrandt Hotel on January 31st, when they got five august persons to form themselves into a Brains Trust to handle questions sent in by enthusiasts, with Cecil Clutton to keep the "brains" up to scratch. The Brains Trust on this occasion comprised Peter Monkhouse, Laurence Pomeroy, Peter Berthon, Leslie...

Page 7 of May 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, May 1944


CARS I HAVE OWNED COKING back over 20 years of sports-car ownership the most strik ing things about it are, first, the immense amount of fun and thrill I have had out of it and, secondly, how very little sports cars seem to have changed in that time, both in appearance and, to a minor degree, performance. By this I mean the ordinary" as sold to the public" type of sports car and not special...

Page 75 of November 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 75, November 1995

Three in a row - a Delage achivement

This is a recall of a satisfactory piece of motor racing history, which it is nice to remember when much is in disarray and Damon Hill in trouble. The driver it concerns is R J B (Dick) Seaman, the car his remarkable 1927 straight-eight 1½-litre Delage. The year? 1936. Seaman, having served his racing apprenticeship, as it were, with an MG Magnette in the longer races that were the ones that...



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Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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