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Page 32 of September 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, September 1949

Praise Where Due

In connection with our praise for the organisers of the Craigantlet for including a scale of the hill's gradients in their prospectus, Leslie Wilson reminds us that he has made a practice of doing this in the Shelsley Walsh regulations since 1905.

Page 18 of May 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, May 1946


"500 Progress" The suggested rules for 500-c.c. class contests laid down by the B.A.C. Motor Sports Clubs are by now well known and seem generally acceptable. We rather liked the idea of not permitting more than two cylinders, but whether or not real economy would have resulted from insisting on pump fuel is debatable, John Bolster, of course, believing that reliability can only be courted by...

Page 60 of June 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, June 1982

Berthon and Mays

Sir, In his letter (May issue MOTOR SPORT) my old friend Anthony Brooke assumes rather more than I have written. Indeed Peter Berthon often rode with Raymond Mays at Southport, and at Shelsley Walsh, at Brooklands and at other venues, not only in the Vauxhall Villiers (now in Anthony Brooke's good hands), but in other cars raced by Mays. In my letter I only wrote thus — "I well remember Raymond...

Page 28 of June 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, June 1947

Shelsley Walsh

We have received a letter from Mr. Leslie Wilson pointing out that the Shelsley Walsh hill-climb is run by the Competitions Committee of the Midland Automobile Club and that, personally, he is not responsible for the banning of sports and Edwardian cars at the next meeting.

Page 42 of April 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, April 1977

"Automobile Year-1976-77"

edited by Douglas Armstrong. 236 pp. 12 1/2 in x 9 1/2 in. (Patrick Stephens Ltd., Bar Hill,Cambridge, CB3 8EL. £16.50.) Among an increasing number of annuals that give detailed coverage of the previous season's motoring sport, the well-established Edita of Lausanne's "Automobile Year" stands out for its lavish production and beautiful pictures. 84 in colour and 421 in black and white in the...

Page 35 of September 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, September 1934


MOTOR CYCLING CLUB. The annual High-speed Trial will be held on September 8th, starting in the morning with a One Hour " blind " for cars. This will be followed lw a series of two-lap handicap and one-lap scratch races, then the second (Inc Hour Speed Trial, and finally the Team Relay races. Altogether a full day's sport. Full particulars can be obtained frcm the Secretary. Mr. J. A. Masters, 22...

Page 52 of August 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, August 1983

Book reviews

"Rolls-Royce — The History of the Car" by Martin Bennett. 184 pp. 111/2 in x 83/4 in (Haynes Publishing Group, Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 7JJ. £8.95) The past month has seen the release of books on one-make subjects which at first sight seem unnecessary because they repeat formerly available information, representing subjects very fully covered in the past. However, one has to remember...

Page 6 of November 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, November 1946

Motor-Cycles Faster than Cars up Shelsley Walsh

E. Lyons (498-c.c. Triumph) clocks 39.44 sec.; Raymond Mays (E.R.A.) 39.57 sec. A very instructive invitation meeting. John Bolster makes fastest "unblown" time. For the first time since 1912 both motor-cycles and cars competed at a Shelsley Walsh meeting. On October 5th Leslie Wilson and the Midland Automobile Club invited selected car drivers, motor-cycle riders and combination manipulators to...

Page 36 of December 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, December 1978

Books for Christmas

Bugatti -- An Illustrated History of the Cars from Molsheim by Hugh Conway and Jacques Greilsamer. 280 pp. 9-1/2" x 12-1/2".   Editions Modelisme, 94, Boulevard de Sebastopol, 75003, Paris, France.  260.00 French francs. This is the Christmas browsing-book par excellence and perusal of its lavish and magnificently-illustrated pages makes one wonder why anyone who can afford to purchase, maintain...

Page 30 of May 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, May 1938


SHELSLEY AGAIN ON MAY 28th! Once again, on May 28th, we shall all trek to Shelsley Walsh for the first 1938 Shelsley Walsh open organised by Leslie Wilson and the Midland A.C. There is something irresistible about Shelsley and no enthusiast misses it if he can help it. In deed, many are the adnturous runs undertaken in odd cars to this historic and picturesque venue. The usual sports and racing...



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