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Page 86 of December 2018 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, December 2018

Unintended consequences

Toto Wolff didn’t seek increased influence in the politically charged Formula 1 paddock, but circumstance thrust it upon him. His present situation has caused him to think differently about the sport, as he explained in an exclusive interview Toto Wolff now stands as one of the most successful F1 team bosses of all time. But beneath the smiles and quips he has sometimes carried a hunted look this...

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F1 frontline: December 2018

Lewis Hamilton went into the final three Grands Prix needing only one seventh place to secure the title, but his year hasn’t been as comfortable as that sounds "The 2007 me would have been nowhere near this championship,” said Lewis Hamilton in Austin. “He’d have been far, far, far away. 2007 me wouldn’t have had a ****ing chance. And he was still very quick.” It was a startling assessment on...

Page 16 of December 2018 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, December 2018

Trackside View / Word on the Beat

TRACKSIDE VIEW 'S' CURVES, SUZUKA Red Bull’s RB14 and the art of balance The Red Bull RB14 doesn’t seem to know that Suzuka’s Turn Four is a corner. Pretty much everyone is flat into it these days, but for the other cars there are consequences whereas this one goes through there apparently mass-less, like a cursor on a computer screen. Some other cars cannot quite get back over to the left-handed...

Page 14 of December 2018 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, December 2018

Older is Faster for Ferrari

...and we're not talking about Kimi Räikkönen. Removing a few 'upgrades' has helped to restore the team's early season vim - albeit a little too late RUSSIAN, JAPANESE AND UNITED STATES GP "In the last three races, we had a loss of form, we know that, but we have analysed the situation and hope to have solved the problems. We will have the proof here in Austin.” So said Ferrari’s chief Maurizio...

Page 53 of November 2018 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, November 2018

Letters: November 2018

Nothing changes No doubt other readers have had the same thought, but one sentence from a recent letter – “This era of subservient team-mates is not racing, it’s manipulation of the outcome to favour one driver” – brought a smile to my face. I remember how during the 1956 Italian Grand Prix, Peter Collins handed his own Ferrari (and, potentially, the world title) to team-mate Juan Manuel Fangio...

Page 44 of November 2018 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, November 2018

Racing lines: November 2018

Lewis Hamilton's Singapore GP pole lap was mesmerising, but Karun Chandhok was the architect of even greater visual drama at Goodwood Advances in technology are often blamed for spoiling the spectacle of motor racing, but it has enhanced my enjoyment immeasurably in one area – the images provided by in-car footage. With modern race cars apparently glued to the track by downforce, these intimate...

Page 14 of November 2018 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, November 2018

The Iceman Goeth

He discovered on the morning of the Italian Grand Prix that he woudn't have a Ferrari race seat in 2019, but Kimi Räikkönen's desire to race reamins unchanged. Ditto his personality... BELGIUM, ITALY & SINGAPORE GRANDS PRIX Kimi Räikkönen had been fighting for his Ferrari future all season and it had generally been a losing battle. It’s hard to show your full capabilities when on the wrong...

Page 13 of November 2018 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, November 2018

Matters of Moment: November 2018

What does the future hold for motor sport? It is a question that we have attempted to answer in this month’s magazine, with features on esports, essays on an alternative fuel-powered endurance racing championship and eye-popping images of what Formula 1 cars might look like in 2021. Reading these pieces it is impossible not to marvel at the rate of change that is being predicted. Who would have...

Page 51 of October 2018 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, October 2018

Letters: October 2018

F1’s engine struggles Having recently become aware that 2021’s fabulous new Formula 1 engine rules are no longer, it seems to me that Mark Hughes is right – the manufacturers have too much say in what is going to happen, so Liberty and the FIA need to come to terms with the need to have independent rules created to foster improved competition. The way to achieve that is to have an F1 engine class...

Page 14 of October 2018 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, October 2018

Ferraris fast, not first

The Scuderia proved it can blitz the timesheets in Germany and Hungary, but key mistakes meant that Mercedes ended both weekends on top   GERMAN & HUNGARIAN GRANDS PRIX The word started filtering through on Saturday morning in Hockenheim: emergency board meetings at Fiat-Chrysler and Ferrari as it became apparent that Sergio Marchionne was in a coma from which he was not going to emerge. This...



November 2019
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