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Page 28 of March 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, March 1960

Fragments on Forgotten Makes

No. 12: The H.E. During the first week-end in January I fulfilled a long-standing invitation by journeying down to the peaceful isolation of a charming village in Somerset to interview Mr. K. O. Sully, son of the late Roland J. Sully, who was responsible for the H.E. car. R. J. Sully entered the motor trade in the early years, having one of the first motor-cab businesses in Wales, circa 1906. The...

Page 39 of November 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, November 1934

Continental Notes and News

Continental Notes and News By HAROLD NOCKOLDS A Racing Suicide. S0 far as my memory serves me, cases of people committing suicide by crashing a car have so far been confined to the pages of Michael Arlen's " Green Hat "and the Earl of Cottenham's " Sicilian Circuit." But a genuine suicide of this nature actually took place during the practising for the Grand Prix of Czechoslovakia, at Masarvk. A...

Page 66 of September 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, September 1987

Veteran to classic: The 1903 Gordon Bennett Napier

First to wear the green" Last month we heard the good news that, after persevering since 1979, Lord Montagu of Beaulieu has been able to arrange for the return to this country of Britain's oldest surviving racing car, which had been in the United States for 37 years. The National Heritage Memorial Fund has contributed £150,000 to the total cost (approaching £300,000), and it is hoped that the...

Page 53 of May 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, May 1979

The other side of Brooklands

With the arrival of better weather, the Editor recalls the days when people went to Weybridge not only to see the motor racing, but to watch the aeroplane races CONSIDERING that the first heavier-than-air machine had proved that it could get off the ground only six years previously, the attention given by the Brooklands authorities to aviation in 1909 deserves to be remembered. Moreover, flying...

Page 58 of August 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, August 1973

Celebrating a Gordon Bennett – Part 2

It is not surprising that the 60s had been forgotten by then, for 27 long years and a devastating World War had passed since their inception. But Kent Karslake remembered, and his article in Motor Sport of September 1930 was responsible not only for the subsequent interest in the big Edwardians and historic racing cars but perhaps for the entire vintage and veteran movement as we now know it. For...

Page 44 of June 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, June 1975

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A SECTION DEVOTED TO OLD-CAR MATTERS Names on Racing Cars WE SAW recently the present trend for carrying advertising on racing cars swing back on those who use motor racing as their publicity media, when the BBC threatened to abandon their TV coverage of the International Trophy Meeting at Silverstone if the Durex-sponsored Lola T400 ran in the Shellsport European Formula 5000 race. They felt...

Page 13 of June 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, June 1946

The Genius Lanchester

Earlier this year Dr. F. W. Lancheter died in Birmingham at the age of 77. Thus it is opportune to review the history of the company which Dr. F. W. and his brothers formed at the very beginning of the Industry. In doing so one encounters such genius of design, such sanity of purpose and such perfection of detail as to engender a feeling of pride that cars bearing the name of Lanchester emanated...

Page 30 of February 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, February 1970

Frederick Lionel Rapson - inventor extraordinary

WE LEFT Mr. Rapson in the unenviable position of having submitted his much criticised "unpunctureable" tyres to a 10,000-mile RAC-observed test from which he had to withdraw after 5,732 miles because three of the Rapsons on his Rolls-Royce were suffering from internal defects. Such an outcome, after the blaze of publicity in which his invention had been announced five months before, in July, 1919...

Page 37 of July 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, July 1935


BAD FEELING AT BROOKLANDS An Unsatisfactory Whitsun Meeting. The Difficult Question of Passing. Brackenbury (Bugatti) Runs Away with the Gold Star. Poor Mountain-Races. THE day cannot be far distant when the B.A.R.C. Outer Circuit races will require a drastic revision of rules and regulations. Complaints by drivers of fast cars that they have difficulty in passing the cars ahead of them are no...

Page 19 of August 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, August 1932


IN AID OF GUY'S THE Duke and Duchess of York were present on Saturday, July 2nd, at one . of the best days racing seen at Brooklands this season. The occasion was the Guys Gala and Motor Race Day, organised by the Junior Car Club in aid of Guy's Hospital. An air of gaiety and fashion pervaded the paddock, due, perhaps, to the presence of a Royal Enclosure, and the array of beautiful dresses in...



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