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Page 3 of April 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, April 1942


MORE FRONTENAC [Last month H. L. Biggs gave some technical details of Frontenac Fords. A correspondent to " N.A.R.N.," the American Midget Car Racing Weekly, recently enquired whether early racing Chevrolets were" revamped" Model-T Fords or " Special " racing cars. In view of Biggs's article the reply may be of interest, and we accordingly reprint it from the January 22nd issue of the " National...

Page 36 of December 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, December 1935


Continercata,_. notes and By OUR CONTINENTAL CORRESPONDENT Steinweg Killed It is a characteristic human failing, I suppose, for the layman only to draw attention to the danger of motor-racing when a fatuous driver is killed. That the 1935 season has been happily lacking in fatal accidents naturally receives no comment. Again, it is curious that the only racing drivers to be killed in Europe this...

Page 17 of April 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, April 1952

The importance of American enthusiasm

An article of topical interest, by Alan K Clark To the majority of enthusiasts in this country the word "Continental" has for long been evocative of respect, admiration and the desire to emulate. Behind and supporting this notion there stands a long tradition of efficiency in the design, the construction and the driving of motor cars and in the organisation of events in which they compete. And it...

Page 62 of January 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, January 1993

Loose Ends

Having just read Guy Edwards' book on motor-racing sponsorship (to be reviewed shortly) I feel there are a few minor loose ends to be tied up. Quite when racing sponsorship began is a nice one for historians to ponder over. The RAC did not sanction advertising decals on top-rank racing cars until 1968. Today, as Edwards so ably explains, sponsorship is very big business indeed! Not only the cars...

Page 46 of May 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, May 1989

Book reviews

Sunbeam Racing Cars 1910-1930 by Anthony S Heal. 384pp. 93/4" x 101/2". (Haynes Publishing Group, Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset BA22 7JJ. £49.95). Anthony Heal is the expert on Sunbeam racing cars, having studied the subject for fifty years and raced three notable examples in vintage events, so his long-awaited history could well be the motoring book of the year. It describes all the racing...

Page 14 of March 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, March 1931


GREAT RACING MARQUES MORS 133, E. K. 11. KARSLAKE. all the great marques whose names have faded from the \motoring world, there is none which must distress the enthusiast so keenly by its passing as that of Mors. Later than Panhard or Peugeot, earlier than Merced.Cs or Fiat, the Mors won for itself far back in the dawn of the automobile era a name which should have lived for all time. But to-day...

Page 80 of October 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, October 1997

Bugatti's final, fatal flop

Bugatti's vaunted return to post-war front line racing lasted just 18 laps. But, says Doug Nye, this ill-conceived project contained ideas that were truly ahead of its time Prologue Sporting history is studded with stories of how 'It seemed like a good idea at the time ...'. It's certainly true in Formula One ask Damon Hill or Chris Amon; back in the '50s, perhaps we should have asked Roland...

Page 44 of January 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, January 1979

Racing Driver -Racing Motorist

"He can be regarded as the leader of the latest type of racing-motorist created in the atmosphere of the track" - The Autocar writing about Percy Lambery in 1913. "Because road-racing is so entirely different from track-racing in any of its forms it is rare to find that anyone whose whole enthusiasm is centred about the very fast run of the Track can take quite the same interest in other branches...

Page 42 of May 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, May 2013


When noise annoys Nigel Roebuck's Reflections in the April issue provides yet another reminder of the importance of noise, especially in today's TV coverage of motor sport in general. The advantage of actually being there at great motor sporting events is that all the senses are fully engaged. My late uncle often talked about the experience of being present at 1930s Grands Prix, especially the...

Page 7 of September 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, September 2002

Jean Stanley

The former co-owner of BRM died at the end of June after suffering poor health for some time. Jean was the sister of Sir Alfred and Ernest Owen, and was a familiar face at GPs for 20 years from the late 1950s on. When the Owen Organisation pulled out of F1 at the end of 1974, she set up Stanley-BRM with her husband Louis.



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