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Page 19 of July 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, July 1943

Letters from readers

Sir, Many interesting articles have appeared from time to time on home-built specials and conversions, but I have yet to see some authoritative dope on "blowers" and the manufacture of amateur productions. Perhaps trade secrets enter into the matter, but surely someone at some time or other has made, say, a Cozette-pattern supercharger which, from the meagre details available, looks simple enough...

Page 20 of November 1941 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, November 1941


Sir, The Vintage S.C.C., by its careful definitions of "sports," " super-sports " and " racing " cars, did its best to encourage the " impecunious amateur," and, I think, attracted a considerable number of ti em. Yet it was very seldom that a 750-c.c. class in a speed event had sufficient entries to be run as a class on its own. (These events were open to both Vintage and modern cars.) Most of...

Page 20 of July 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, July 1942

Letters from readers

Sir, Having recently read the article which appeared in Motor Sport some months ago by a New Zealand enthusiast, I am prompted to make my small contribution to this worthy journal, which was, until a few months ago, entirely unknown to me. More's the pity. If I make rather heavy weather of it, I ask you to make allowances and try to remember that I find the "spanner mightier than the pen."...

Page 37 of July 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, July 1949

Letters from Readers

The Vanguard Road Test. Sir, I have just obtained my first copy of Motor Sport and have placed a regular order. Is it possible to obtain a complete set of back numbers? I like your approach to the subject, and appreciated the frankness of the two road-tests published. I am, Yours, etc., G. T. Hooker. Hainault, Essex. Sir, As a Vanguard owner myself, I was particularly interested in your test...

Page 21 of March 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, March 1943

Letters from readers

Sir, At the Brains Trust someone raised the hoary question as to whether it is a bad thing to brake when cornering. Mr. Pomeroy pointed out that the application of brakes on a bend may tend to promote an over-steering characteristic (this, of course, would particularly apply with a torque tube or radius arm lay-out), but otherwise the discussion was not carried very far. It is, nevertheless, an...

Page 5 of June 1941 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, June 1941

Readers discuss the Strachan stir-up

[In the April issue, R. C. S. Strachan suggested that the sports car is doomed to disappear from the new-car market. Mr. Lowrey's reaction to this theory was published in the correspondence pages last month and three more replies follow—incidentally, the views expressed all take different angles and would seem to offer convincing collective disposal of at least the fundamentals of Strachan's...

Page 20 of May 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, May 1943

Letters from readers

Sir, After reading of your instruction book scheme it occurred to me that there might be readers in Birmingham and district who would be interested but do not know that there are a number of instruction books in the Birmingham Technical Reference Library. They are mostly 1936-38 books, some earlier, and can, of course, only be read at the library and not taken away. I mention the following as...


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