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Page 70 of March 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, March 2014

Champion of the revolution

Phil Manzanera is best known as guitarist with pioneering 1970s rock band Roxy Music. As a boy, though, he was a privileged witness to the 1958 Cuban Grand Prix, when Juan Manuel Fangio found himself a hostage to rebel kidnappers. But instead of condemning his polite captors, the great man befriended themWriter: Richard Williams While the racing engines revved, the small boy sat with his mother...

Page 65 of February 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, February 1998

Young bloods

After Ascari’s death in 1955, Luigi Musso and Eugenio Castellotti fought for his mantle as Italy’s top driver. Chris Nixon charts the brief and tragic careers of two great rivals. "Listen lads, you won’t have to work too hard to win this race. At the start, I'll set the rhythm. You follow me, and you won't shred your tyres. Ten laps from the end, I'll pull over, and then you two, between you, can...

Page 10 of August 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, August 2000

The 39th Targa Floria youth to the fore

This year, the age old Targa Florio took on a new lease of life as it became an event counting for the manufacturers' world championship of sportscars. With the situation very open between Jaguar; Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz, the race took on the position of the final decision for the honours in this championship. Mercedes-Benz went to Sicily in full force, while Ferrari did the best they could...

Page 78 of March 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, March 2006

Sibling rivalry

OSCA was formed by the Maserati brothers to fight the company they gave their name to. Richard Heseltine tells the tale, and drives one The red sticker on the tacho is the telltale. Don't take it above 5500rpm. It's only just been rebuilt and we don't want it going pop now, do we? Be conservative. About 4500 ought to do it. Which is a pity as you need to rev this OSCA, not only because it...

Page 36 of July 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, July 1957

The Unfortunate "Four-Five"

Some Notes on the 4.5-litre V8 Maserati Sports Car In the 4.5-litre V8 Maserati sports car the Modena firm would appear to have a world beater, and on all four occasions that this model has been raced it has not only been hot favourite, it has been a certain winner; yet of the four races it has only once crossed the finishing line, and on that occasion it won. It would seem that if the "four-five...

Page 22 of June 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, June 1956

Vanwall Victory In "Daily Express" International Trophy Race, Driven By Moss At Record Speed

Connaughts Second and Third. Ferraris Retire. Sports-car Successes by Cooper-Climax and Aston Martin. Russell Wins 500-c.c. Race, Jaguar the Touring-car Event. Lap Records Shattered The Daily Express International Trophy Meeting at Silverstone is one of the highlights of the British racing season and this year, organised by the B.R.D.C. on May 5th, it provided good entries, plenty of variety, and...

Page 28 of June 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, June 1957

The XVII Pau Grand Prix

Behra Gives a Fine Demonstration Run Pau, France (B.P.), Easter Monday. Last year was the first occasion since 1935, apart from the war years, that the Pau Grand Prix did not take place, and the reason was that the French Inspectorate of Circuits, who flapped around after the Le Mans accident, deemed the circuit unsafe. In spite of a full-length Grand Prix having been held every year without any...

Page 32 of March 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, March 1997

The old master of Modena

One of the few remaining pre-war Grand Prix racers, Luigi Villoresi remains among Italy's most distinguished figures. Graham Gauld visited him in Modena In May, Luigi "Gigi" Villoresi will be 88 years of age, and after a remarkable career he is now the last of the great pre-war Italian racing drivers. His esteemed status as such was recognised last October during the annual Ferrari Day race...

Page 32 of July 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, July 1986

The 250F Maserati - Part 2

Before starting Part Two of the 250F saga a few observations on Part One will not go amiss. A Swiss garage owner has sent a copy of a bill of sale dated 23rd November 1956 on which it is stated that he had taken delivery of "Autovettura Corsa Maserati — tips 250/F No. 2518 di motore e telaio — completa in ordine di marca" which says, when translated, that he had bought the 250F Maserati racing...

Page 54 of October 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, October 1995

The numbers game

Unravelling the mystery of various Maserati 250Fs… The Maserati 250F is everyone's favourite '50s Grand Prix car. It was not a landmark design in terms of technological development, but it was as successful as any in its era, and above all it epitomised the aesthetic appeal of a Grand Prix car in the last days before designers discovered that racing cars worked better with their engines behind...


December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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