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Page 110, February 2014

The past master

Renowned for his expertise as both racing car restorer and driver, former F1 mechanic Simon Hadfield lives at the heart of Europe’s historic motor racing boomWriter Gordon Cruickshank, Photographer Howard Simmons If I hadn’t seen the roof of an articulated transporter over the hedge I’d swear I was in the wrong place. I’m looking for Simon Hadfield Racing, preparers of race cars for meetings all...

Page 100, June 2009

“I always kept a packet of fags in the ashtray”

Tobacco, beer and avoiding exercise – essential driver training in the 1960s when Gordon Spice began his racing career. In the next 23 years he became a colourful fixture on UK circuits and abroad, winning in Minis, Capris and sports cars, creating his own prototypes, scoring four endurance titles and entering 14 Le Mans races, all while juggling a complex business operation. His entertaining new...

Page 52, September 1980

Vintage Prescott

Sunday, August 3rd In contrast to the last three years, the VSCC's annual pilgrimage to the Cotswolds for their Prescott Hillclimb was blessed with good weather, resulting in some fine climbs and a number of new records for the short course. The very full entry list encompassed cars from 1903 to 1939 (or 1957 if one includes the solitary post-war competitor) from 747 cc to nearly 13-litres and...

Page 43, February 2007

Home Straight

Born and raised in Le Mans, Jean Rondeau dreamed of conquering the 24 Hours in a car of his own manufacture. Through sheer force of personality, he finally managed it It was an act of breathtaking stupidity and it cost him his life. By all accounts Jean Rondeau was a law unto himself: a driven man, a go-getter with unyielding self-belief. But even he was no match for a train. On December 27, 1985...

Page 60, September 2003

Variety: the life of Spice

  From Le Mans to wild hillclimbs in Barbados, Gordon Spice spent 25 years racing for the love of it. But he also had an uncanny knack of combining fun with victories. By Tim Scott British motorsport has rarely seen domination like it. Through the late 1970s and into the dawn of the '80s the flaming red Capri, being hustled with armfuls of lock, was a fixture at the front of the British Saloon...

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