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Page 163 of December 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 163, December 2014

On the road with Simon Arron

Possibly the only man with both F1 and Mallory Park media passes. Next stop..? Channel hopping Brands Hatch, September 27-28: a little French dressing adds a great deal of flavour Our sport often feels overly homogeneous, with the same championships sticking together and producing predictable line-ups, so here was a welcome antidote to the norm: a low-key Historic Sports Car Club event, yes, but...

Page 10 of December 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, December 2014

Matters of moment

The Jules Bianchi tragedy has overshadowed everything in motor racing during the past month. In this issue both Mark Hughes and Nigel Roebuck offer perspective on the accident at Suzuka and its possible repercussions. Severe injury is mercifully rare in Grand Prix racing today, which is precisely why the shock felt by the F1 community and fans alike has been so profound. Sadly, for the wider...

Page 54 of August 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, August 2014

Mat Oxley

300 GPs and counting Last month at Mugello Valentino Rossi contested his 300th Grand Prix. He didn’t win the race but wasn’t far off, finishing third just 2.6sec behind winner Marc Márquez. The triple-century milestone is quite something in a sport that isn’t always kind to its devotees – and it’s a convenient moment to consider his career. Rossi was a long-haired 16-year-old when he arrived in...

Page 54 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, July 2014

Mat Oxley

Always chasing the next buzz Guy Martin isn’t your average motorcycle racer. He might be a pro, but is anything but full-time, splitting his year mostly between his other somewhat contrasting jobs – truck fitter and TV star – while doing a bit of decorating and harvesting on the side. You could say he likes to keep busy. He certainly likes a challenge. His latest obsession is 24-hour mountain-...

Page 10 of May 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, May 2014

Matters of moment

We’ve been gratified by the overwhelmingly positive response to our Time for a Formula 1 Revolution cover story, run in the April issue. We published our framework for change on the conviction that the majority of Motor Sport’s readers have become disenchanted with the artifice of modern Grand Prix racing, and judging by the feedback our instincts were on the mark. The response from the...

Page 56 of April 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, April 2014

Mat Oxley

Angles of attack The new MotoGP season kicks off under Qatar’s entirely fatuous floodlights on March 23 and some people are already inscribing Marc Márquez’s name on the 2014 World Championship trophy. It’s easy to see why: if the youngster could beat everyone as a rookie, what will he do with a full season’s premier-class experience behind him? There is probably only one man capable of stopping...

Page 46 of March 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, March 2014

Full and frank disclosure

There’s something about drivers from relatively humble beginnings that means they never lose sight of the bigger picture, and I class Steve Soper as one of them. Open and honest, he never finds it too difficult to tell the truth. I enjoyed seeing him in the Radbourne X1/9 – you knew he was good and would go places, much like former Anglia racer Roger Williamson. I wasn’t aware of the reason Steve...

Page 28 of March 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, March 2014

Mat Oxley

How will Cal fare on the Duke? In Germany last July, Cal Crutchlow came within 1.5 seconds of scoring Britain’s first premier-class motorcycle Grand Prix victory in more than 30 years. That result – on a rider-friendly Yamaha – proved that the Midlander has the speed to win MotoGP races, but will he have the bike? Crutchlow recently signed a two-year contract with Ducati, the manufacturer that...

Page 116 of February 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 116, February 2014

All arms and elbows

Marc Márquez rewrote the rules of MotoGP technique last season and, in so doing, became the youngest premier-class champ in the sport’s history. What drives Spain’s latest bike-racing phenomenon?Writer Mat Oxley You are at the circus to witness the world’s greatest high-wire artists do their thing. You can barely see the wire, one hundred feet above you, and there’s no safety net. The lights go...

Page 61 of February 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, February 2014

Ferrari’s 20 greatest F1 drivers

Ferrari will have two crowned champions at the helm when it wheels its cars to the grid for the 2014 Australian Grand Prix – a first in world championship terms since Italy 1953, when Alberto Ascari and Nino Farina formed part of a six-strong line-up at Monza. The team has hired many illustrious names before and since, but which are Ferrari's 20 greatest F1 drivers? Writer Simon Arron A curious...



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