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Page 9 of May 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, May 1936

Continental Notes and News

Confirmenta._ Notes and. Newa Carratsch "Gets the Bird A or so before the Monaco Grand A week or so before the Monaco Grand Prix the Mercedes-Benz team went down to Monza for a final tune-up. The chief incident nearly resulted in an accident. Caracciola was travelling very fast on a back stretch of the course when a huge pheasant flew out of the trees right in his path. The bird struck the...

Page 35 of August 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, August 1934


A WONDERFUL FINISH IN THE VICHY GRAND PRIX WHITNEY STRAIGHT FAILS TO CATCH COUNT TROSSI BY 5 SECONDS AFTER WINNING HIS HEATETANCELIN HANDICAPPED BY FAULTY BRAKES. THERE is a growing tendency among Grand Prix organisers to run heats-and-a-final, as opposed to 6 single long-distance race. The latest event of this description is the Vichy Grand Prix, held on July 15th, and for sheer excitement any...

Page 37 of December 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, December 1981

Obituary - Phillipe Etancelin

Those who remember the dashing driving. cloth-cap back-to-front, of "Phi-Phi" Etancelin will be sorry to hear of the French racing-driver's death, at the age of 85. in Paris in mid-October. As a wealthy farmer and wool-merchant, Etancelin was able to indulge his love of motor racing largely as an independent, which he did from 1926. aged 30, with a Bugatti. After gaining experience in French...

Page 39 of November 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, November 1934

Continental Notes and News

Continental Notes and News By HAROLD NOCKOLDS A Racing Suicide. S0 far as my memory serves me, cases of people committing suicide by crashing a car have so far been confined to the pages of Michael Arlen's " Green Hat "and the Earl of Cottenham's " Sicilian Circuit." But a genuine suicide of this nature actually took place during the practising for the Grand Prix of Czechoslovakia, at Masarvk. A...

Page 18 of August 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, August 1931


THE GRAND PRIX DE LA MARNE IT was rather a pity, perhaps, that the Grand Prix de la Marne, run over a road circuit in the neighbourhood of Reims, was held on the second day of the Belgian Touring Grand Prix, Sunday 5th July, as the clashing of the two events may have somewhat reduced the field of each. However, the Marne race attracted a satisfactory number of entries, although it was definitely...

Page 72 of October 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, October 1995

Whitney Straight - Racing Driver

I find it astonishing that, whereas books have been written about so many racing drivers, from those of the pioneer days, through the interim periods, to the present day, nothing has appeared, so far as I can recollect, about Whitney Straight, or Earl Howe' for that matter. So, although it is scarcely possible to do full justice to any driver in a magazine article, the young American driver was...

Page 21 of September 1941 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, September 1941


PERSONALITIES IN ENGLAND AN ARTICLE WHICH WILL INTEREST OTHER OBSERVERS AND PERHAPS AMUSE THE "VICTIMS" THE first race which I ever saw was the B.R.D.C. " 500 " run at Brooklands in the autumn of 1999. From that time until I became closely associated with the sport, I saw quite a lot of racing., yet I was a distant spectator, and never at any time came into close contact with ziny of the drivers...

Page 13 of December 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, December 1934


LOOKING BACK ON 1934 A MAGNIFICENT RACING SEASON—GREAT INCREASE IN SPEEDS AND ROAD HOLDING—GERMAN CARS PROVE ALL-CONQUERING IN THE CLOSING G.P. RACES —RECORDS AT BROOKLANDS, DONINGTON AND SHELSLEY. GRAND PRIX RACING. N0 matter how severe may be the attitude towards motor racing in official British quarters, there is no doubt that on the Continent the sport has had , a triumphant season during...

Page 45 of May 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, May 1933

The fiat Suspension.

The Fiat Suspension. Following the appeal lodged by the Italian R.A.C. against the suspension of all Fiat cars all over the world in competitions, it now transpired that the cause of the bother was an unofficial trial by a firm in Spain. It looks now as though the matter will soon be adjusted for good. French G.P. Entries are already being handed in for the French G.P. to be held on Monthlery...

Page 42 of September 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, September 1934


TRAGEDY MARS THE COPPA ACERBO GUY MOLL MEETS HIS DEATH AT PESCARA-RACE WON BY FAGIOLI (MERCEDES-BENZ) WITH NUVOLARI (MASERATI) SECOND. CHIRON AND CARACCIOLA BOTH HAVE NARROW ESCAPES FROM INJURY. ROBABLY the most fiereely con tested road race of the season, the Coppa Acerb°, on August 12th, culminated in a victory for the German .Mercedes-Benz, driven by Luigi Fagioli. The Ferrari Alfa-komeos,...



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