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Page 10 of September 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, September 1996

Fears Of A Clown

One of the old guard who should move over for youth, or the finest unfulfilled talent of his generation? Mark Skewis takes a look at Johnny Herbert's F1 career. Of the ridiculously small percentage of racing drivers who make it to Formula One, precious few ever win a Grand Prix: fewer still get to achieve that feat in front of their home crowd. Which was why, when Johnny Herbert crossed the...

Page 16 of September 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, September 1996

The Great Pretender

Benetton enjoyed a revival at Hockenheim But was all as it seemed? Mark Skewis finds out Hailed only months ago as the team which had set new standards in Formula One, Benetton has had trouble adapting to life without Michael Schumacher. And life without success. Which is why everyone was so keen to herald a revival when they presented a genuine challenge to Williams at the German Grand Prix....

Page 24 of July 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, July 1996

Must The Show Go On?

If the rain won't stop, should the racing? Mark Skewis considers the controversial issue highlighted by the Spanish GP Two matters of concern arose from Barcelona's rain-lashed Grand Prix: one was an issue for Damon Hill, the other for the sport as a whole. The tour de force with which Michael Schumacher scored his first victory for Ferrari, and his team's first success with a V10 engine, was a...

Page 22 of May 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, May 1996

The Man who would be King

If any man is capable of challenging the Williams supremacy, Mark Skewis believes it is Jean Alesi Jean Alesi has it in him to be world champion. If only he believes it himself. In each of the first three races, the mercurial Frenchman has made a costly error. Where in the past his car invariably failed, since moving from Ferrari to Benetton Alesi has let himself down. It is common knowledge...

Page 13 of April 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, April 1996

Seeing Red

Upon climbing from his car to learn that his younger team-mate, Jacques Villeneuve, had just stolen pole position for the Australian Grand Prix, Damon Hill looked like he had just seen a ghost. Perhaps, suggested one onlooker, he had. After all, like his team-mate, it will take a lifetime of achievement for Villeneuve to emerge fully from the shadow of his father, whose cavalier style is still...

Page 55 of March 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, March 1989


edited by Alan Henry. 272pp. 121/2 x 93/8, (Hazleton Publishing, 3 Richmond Hill, Richmond, Surrey TW10 6RE £19.95). Now in its 38th year of publication, this hardy annual goes from strength to strength. Former Motor Sport and Motoring News Grand Prix reporter Alan Henry has taken over the editorship from Maurice Hamilton, and therefore has the job of listing and evaluating his top ten drivers....

Page 16 of May 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, May 1996

The Senna Legacy

No longer preoccupied with filling the shoes of his hero, Rubens Barrichello starred in front of his home crowd. Mark Skewis reports Sao Paulo smells like a sewer. Personally, I refuse to be convinced that its not. That may, perhaps, have something to do with the fact that while I was visiting a Churrascaria - a restaurant where you pay your money and take as much as you like somebody was...

Page 10 of May 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, May 1996

Maximum Attack

Mark Skewis saw Damon Hill take home maximum points from South America after two flawless drives Michael Schumacher left South America with a dog, wife Corinna having taken pity on a stray she found in the Interlagos paddock. The World Champion merely gave a smile of exasperation when asked about the new addition to the family. In truth, he'd probably had enough of dogs by then. After all, he'd...

Page 22 of October 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, October 1996

Escape To Victory

Hill's error goes unpunished as Schumacher follows the script in Monza. Mark Skewis reports Next time there's an energy crisis, the Government needs look no further than Frank Williams for a natural fuel: motivation. Certainly Damon Hill had it in abundance at Monza, the first race since his sacking by Williams. If he had to leave the team, he reasoned, then the world title would go with him....

Page 16 of June 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, June 1996

Echoes of Glory

Mercedes last won its home Grand Prix in 1954. Karl Kling, the star of that race, was at the Nurburgring to see the first signs of a McLaren Mercedes resurgence. Mark Skewis reports Not even the brilliance of Michael Schumacher, who sat in the wheel tracks of the Williams for the last 20 laps of the European Grand Prix, could deprive Jacques Villeneuve of his first Formula One victory. Afterwards...



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